WNYC and Tribeca Film Festival® Partner to Bring TRIBECA TALKS to a Digital Audience

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WNYC and Tribeca Film Festival® Partner to Bring TRIBECA TALKS to a Digital Audience

Talks with industry luminaries including Ron Howard, Bryan Cranston, David Simon, Rep. Barney Frank, Mike Tyson, among others,
available as podcasts on a rolling basis at www.wnyc.org/tribeca


Missed the chance to attend this year’s Tribeca Film Festival?

For the first time, the Tribeca Film Festival and WNYC are bringing the festival’s star-studded TRIBECA TALKS and FUTURE OF FILM to a digital audience.

WNYC will produce exclusive recordings of the best panels and events from the hallmark conversation series with prominent directors, producers, writers, actors and other film industry insiders for on-demand listening on www.wnyc.org/tribeca and via WNYC’s app.

The Festival podcasts will feature conversations with some of the most prolific and creative directors, producers, writers, actors and industry professionals in film including Academy Award® winners Ron Howard, Michael Douglas, and Aaron Sorkin; Academy Award-nominated writer Terence Winter; Emmy®-Award-winners Bryan Cranston, Alec Baldwin, and David Simon; as well as Congressman Barney Frank, and legendary boxers Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield. The TRIBECA TALKS panels and events will run during the 13th edition of TFF, taking place April 16 – April 27 at locations around New York City.

Talks are being recorded and made available as podcasts on a rolling basis at www.wnyc.org/tribeca. Currently available are podcasts of the talks with Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield, Academy Award®-winning sound mixer Skip Lievsa and music supervisor Susan Jacobs, and Academy Award® winner Thelma Schoonmaker. Continue to check back at www.wnyc.org/tribeca for updates.

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 “Tribeca Talks: Directors Series”

 Ron Howard with Brian Williams
Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Ron Howard discusses his career as a filmmaker, writer, and producer, which already spans over fifty years. Moderated by Brian Williams.
DATE: Saturday, April 26

“Tribeca Talks: After the Movie” 


From inner-city housing projects to the biggest stages in boxing, Champs is an insightful and provocative documentary charting the lives of some of America’s heaviest hitters, including Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, and Bernard Hopkins, as they seek to break out of poverty via one of the few outlets available. Director Bert Marcus skillfully weaves their personal histories and gripping footage from their biggest bouts to explore the meaning of the American dream in a society increasingly fragmented between rich and poor. Hear a conversation with former boxers Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield, and boxing promoter Lou DiBella about life, rivalry and conflict both inside and out of the ring.
DATE: Saturday, April 19


In his directorial debut, Mike Myers brings a comic touch to documenting the astounding career of consummate Hollywood insider Shep Gordon in the film Supermensch. Making playful use of archival footage, new interviews, and his own close relationship with the legendary talent manager, Myers reveals a man who has embraced his dualities: a hard-driving dealmaker who wants everyone to be happy and a rock ‘n’ roll hedonist who yearns for a family. Against a backdrop of debauchery, he’s a man on a spiritual quest. Hear a conversation with Shep Gordon and Michael Douglas.
DATE: Saturday, April 26

 Compared to What: The Improbable Journey of Barney Frank

Compared To What: The Improbable Journey of Barney Frank is a rare and intimate peek into the life of Barney Frank, the quick-witted, cantankerous, and first openly gay Congressman in the United States. On the verge of his retirement, Frank reflects on his 40 years in office and the role his own homosexuality played in his campaigns for social justice. A flawless example of when the personal meets the political, with incredible “bare all” access, this documentary reveals Frank as one of the most sharp-tongued, entertaining, and lionhearted politicians of our time. Hear a conversation with Barney Frank and Alec Baldwin about the politics of Washington, Barney’s life and career, and what he plans to do in his retirement.
DATE: Sunday, April 27


Future of Film: The Story’s Edge – part of Tribeca Innovation Week

 A Conversation with Aaron Sorkin

Writer and producer Aaron Sorkin (“The West Wing,” “Newsroom,” The Social Network) talks with former Chief Presidential Speech Writer Jon Favreau about what it means to be moral in 2014, what we value as heroic in life and in fiction, and how film and television have documented our transition from an analogue to a digital world.

TAPE DATE: Monday, April 21

Your Brain On Story

Hear a candid conversation about the ‘habits’ of successful psychopaths. Sounds crazy? Not really. Turns out, it’s not only screen psychos that we love. Many of the people we admire -- and even elect as our leaders -- share traits with psychopathic killers. Your Brain On Story features futurist Jason Silva on why and how people are hardwired for stories and cinema. Also, actor Bryan Cranston (“Breaking Bad”) and Terence Winter (“The Sopranos,” “Boardwalk Empire”) discuss the connection between horror and humor and what makes a great screen villain. Chiming in is neuroscientist James Fallon, who not only studies the brains of serial killers, but has one himself. Moderated by Cynthia McFadden (ABC News, Nightline Co Anchor).
DATE: Tuesday, April 22

All The News That’s Fit to Shoot, Print…or Tweet

Many say the birth of cable news, the 24-hour news cycle, and the internet have caused the demise of journalism. On the flip side, our thirst for news and information has only become more intense in recent years. Citizen journalists, bloggers, and hybrids of journalism with everything from films to video games and viral videos are stepping up to answer the call. So who now sets the bar for journalistic ethics and in who’s voices -- or cute cat videos -- should we place our trust? Hear a conversation with Upworthy Co-Founder Eli Pariser, CEO and Co-Founder of Vice Shane Smith, and Executive Director of Witness Yvette Alberdingk Thijm. Moderated by filmmaker and journalist Perri Peltz.
DATE: Wednesday, April 23

 Stories By Numbers

Almost everything we do creates a digital trail containing information about who we are, where we go, how we spend our time and money, and what we watch. Media and entertainment entities are increasingly able to use this information to tell rich, data-driven stories or to decide what content to acquire or produce. But does betting on the "wisdom of crowds" bode well or ill for future innovation in film, art, and journalism? True believers and tech skeptics square off. Join show runner and writer Beau Willimon (“House of Cards”), writer David Simon (“The Wire”), Thompson on Hollywood’s Anne Thompson, and Nate Silver (ESPN/FiveThirtyEight.com.) Moderated by John Hockenberry, host of The Takeaway from WNYC and PRI.
DATE: Thursday April 24th


“Tribeca Talks: Industry” (Free event: Reserve tickets in advance at tribecafilm.com

 Dolby Institute: The Art of Sound Design & Music

Ever since the creation of the talkie, sound in film has been evolving. The Dolby Institute brings together top sound designers to discuss what it really takes to create the sound of a film, and the army it takes just to hear a pin drop. Panelists include Academy Award® winning sound mixer Skip Lievsay (Gravity) and music supervisor Susan Jacobs (Silver Linings Playbook). They'll explore scenes from their work and divulge the strategy behind using sound as a storytelling tool. Moderated by Glenn Kiser of the Dolby Institute.
DATE: Friday, April 18

The Cutting Room: An Insight to the Edit Suite

It’s said that a movie is made three times: once through a script, once on set, and finally in the edit room.  Join us to hear tales from the cutting room floor from longtime Martin Scorsese collaborator Thelma Schoonmaker as she discusses her incredible career.
DATE: Saturday, April 19

Shooting the Film: An Exploration of Cinematography

Cinematographers are responsible for some of the most breathtaking and memorable images on screen. Join us to hear cinematographers discuss their careers, capturing images to tell a story, and how they shot some of their most famous scenes. Panelists include All Is Lost cinematographer Frank G. DeMarco, Ballet 422 cinematographer Nick Bentgen, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind cinematographer Ellen Kuras. Moderated by critic Eric Hynes.
DATE: Monday, April 21

 The Growth of Short Content

Filmmakers with a thirst for storytelling are saturating our digital media landscape with short content, changing the way we seek and consume media. Hear some of the creators discuss the challenges faced in making snappy, attention-grabbing, and informative content, and how to garner an audience outside of a theater. Panelists include filmmaker, director, and producer Morgan Spurlock, actress Gillian Jacobs, ESPN’s Dan Silver, and NY Times Op-Ed Doc Producer and Curator Jason Spingarn-Koff. Moderated by Vimeo's Greg Clayman.
DATE: Saturday, April 26

 Special “Tribeca Talks” Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival Conversations

 Shooting and Scoring 

A conversation about the particular art in creating authentic sports stories, from non-fiction material to heart-stopping hits that satisfy hardcore fans while also connecting with broader audiences. Featuring director Peter Berg, best known for his hit TV series and film Friday Night Lights, and for the recent sports documentary series State of Play, which illuminates the intersection of sports and sports culture with wider society in 2014 America. Moderated by Connor Schell, Vice President and Executive Producer of ESPN Films and Original Content.
DATE: Friday, April 25


Iverson is the ultimate legacy of NBA legend Allen Iverson, who rose from a childhood of crushing poverty in Hampton, VA, to become an 11-time NBA All-Star and universally recognized icon of his sport. Off the court, his audacious rejection of conservative NBA convention and unapologetic embrace of hip-hop culture sent shockwaves throughout the league and influenced an entire generation. Told largely in Iverson's own words, the film charts the career highs and lows of one of the most distinctive and accomplished figures the sport of basketball has ever seen. Hear a conversation with Allen Iverson and Stephen A. Smith.
DATE: Sunday, April 27



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