The Takeaway iPhone App Help Page

Be our photographers, videographers and radio reporters! We’ll give out specific assignments for you (here), and you can upload your picture, video or audio directly through this app. Here’s some quick advice before you start.

Taking pictures:
Try to fill the frame with the subject. Make sure the photo is sharp and bright enough before you upload. If it’s too blurry, try again with more light and hold the camera as steady as possible.

Recording video:
Try to get as close to your subject as possible. If you are recording yourself, try to have someone else do the recording. Again, try to capture in the best possible light and keep the phone as steady as possible. And keep the videos short! It shouldn’t need to be more than 2 minutes.

Recording audio:
Make sure the audio you are recording is loud enough, without distorting. Remember that the microphone is at the bottom of the phone and it needs to be fairly close to the subject. If you can control it, try to record in a room with little or no background noise. Before you upload, play back the audio to make sure it’s good enough quality. Otherwise, try again, getting closer (or farther away) from the subject.