Walter James Miller

Walter James Miller appears in the following:

Nancy Evans

Monday, July 03, 1978

Nancy Evans discusses her book How to Get Happily Published.

Evans, a former editor of Harper's Weekly, explains that she and her co-author, Judith Appelbaum, read every other book on getting published before writing their own, and found that many of the how-to books lacked common sense. ...


William Mundell

Monday, June 26, 1978

New Poems by William Mundell.


Sam Duryee

Monday, June 19, 1978

Sam Duryee Jr. reads from his book of poetry "I'm No Acrobat."


William Packard

Monday, May 29, 1978

Writer William Packard discusses the nature of creativity with host Walter Miller.

WNYC archives id: 72859


Henry Korn

Monday, May 22, 1978

Henry Korn discusses Seventh Assembling: A Collection of Otherwise Unpublishable Manuscripts, which he co-compiled with Richard Kostelanetz.

WNYC archives id: 73101


Vincent Campo

Monday, April 17, 1978

Vincent Campo on Joyce and his own fiction.

WNYC archives id: 72996


Jamake Highwater

Monday, April 10, 1978

Jamake Highwater discusses his book, Ritual of the Wind: North American Indian Ceremonies, Music and Dances. He reads a selection from the book including two chants.

WNYC archives id: 72873


Spencer Holst

Monday, March 20, 1978

Spencer Holst reads his short story "A Balkan Entertainment," and discusses his writing.

WNYC archives id: 73103


Robert Chapman

Monday, February 20, 1978

Dr. Robert L. Chapman discusses Caught in the Web of Words: J.M. Murray and the O.E.D.

WNYC archives id: 73011


Marvin Cohen

Monday, February 06, 1978

Marvin Cohen talks about his book The Inconvenience of Living.

Walter James Milller opens by saying the distinctive brevity of the parable and fable “make criticism look ridiculous” since any analysis becomes longer and less focused than the original. As an alternative, he invites Cohen to read ...


Robert Pinsky

Monday, January 16, 1978

Robert Pinsky discusses his critical work, "The Situation of Poetry," and his collection of poems, "Sadness and Happiness."


Ruth Lisa Schechter

Monday, January 09, 1978

Ruth Lisa Schechter discusses her poetry and her chapbook, "Moving Closer"


Alex Wade

Wednesday, December 14, 1977

Alex Wade discusses his new book, 30 Energy-Efficient Houses You Can Build , which was written as a response to the feedback he received from his last book, Low Cost Energy-Efficient Shelter .

WNYC archives id: 73067


Roy Thomas

Monday, December 05, 1977

Roy Thomas discusses science-fiction writing and writers such as Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov. He also talks about women writers of science fiction.

WNYC archives id: 73070


Ted Solotaroff

Monday, November 28, 1977

Ted Solotaroff talks about the end of literary magazine American Review and the literary scene.


Robert Chapman

Monday, November 21, 1977

Dr. Chapman discusses "Caught in the Web of Words, J.M. Murray and the Oxford English Dictionary."

WNYC archives id: 73012


Jamake Highwater

Monday, November 07, 1977

Jamake Highwater discusses his book, Anpao: An American Indian Odyssey. Miller compares the epic story to Homer's Odyssey. Highwater reads a passage from a section of the book called, "The Dawn of the World." He also talks about the illustrations by Fritz Scholder.

WNYC archives id: 72874


Sidney Offit

Monday, October 31, 1977

Author Sidney Offit discusses his book, What Kind of Guy Do You Think I Am? and young-adult fiction.

WNYC archives id: 73155


Suzanne Nalbantian

Monday, October 24, 1977

Dr. Suzanne Nalbantian and Walter James Miller discuss Harold Orel's The Final Years of Thomas Hardy.

WNYC archives id: 73151


William Packard

Monday, October 17, 1977

Packard reads "Haircut," "They are doing it in Africa," and "Sisyphus."