Steven Valentino

Producer, The New Yorker Radio Hour

Steven Valentino appears in the following:

Will Mackin on the Use and Misuse of an AR-15

Friday, February 08, 2019

A Navy veteran who was deployed in Afghanistan talks about the appeal of the firearm, and how the cavalier attitude of some civilian gun enthusiasts angers him.  

The Mueller Investigation: What We Know So Far

Friday, February 01, 2019

The staff writer Adam Davidson delivers the broad strokes—just the key points—of what we have learned so far.

Will Trump Survive Mueller?

Friday, February 01, 2019

The staff writers Susan B. Glasser and Jeff Toobin debate the likelihood of impeachment.

For Philip Roth, Writing Bred Wisdom

Friday, December 28, 2018

In 2003, David Remnick interviewed the author about his creative process, for the BBC.

The Many Literary Lives of Philip Roth

Friday, December 28, 2018

Roth’s biographer, Blake Bailey, on why the novelist’s writing will endure.

Philip Roth in the #MeToo Era

Friday, December 28, 2018

A panel of female writers discuss the portrayal of women in the work of Philip Roth.

Roz Chast Rings a Bell for a Good Cause

Friday, December 21, 2018

Inspired by the Salvation Army, the celebrated cartoonist takes to the streets of New York to ring a bell for a good cause: saving the planet from destruction by asteroids.

Kirk Douglas, the Guitarist of the Roots, Revamps the Holiday Classics

Friday, December 21, 2018

A bona-fide guitar hero puts a fresh spin on “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” “The Little Drummer Boy,” and other somewhat-too-familiar seasonal hits.

Senator Amy Klobuchar, Running as a Democrat in the Age of Trump

Friday, December 14, 2018

Fresh off her win in the midterm elections, the Minnesota Democrat weighs a Presidential run in 2020.  

Exit Senator McCaskill, Stage Center

Friday, December 07, 2018

One of the most moderate Democrats in the Senate, Missouri’s Claire McCaskill lost her seat in the midterms. She debriefs with The New Yorker’s Washington correspondent, Susan Glasser.

Adam Davidson Revisits the 2008 Financial Crash with Hank Paulson, Who Was on the Front Line Against Disaster

Friday, November 09, 2018

Paulson, the former Treasury Secretary under George W. Bush, explains how he became an advocate for sustainable growth.  

After the 2008 Financial Crisis, the Economy Was Fracked Up

Friday, November 09, 2018

The Obama Administration’s stimulus bill was supposed to fuel a green energy sector. Instead, Eliza Griswold explains, it led to a boom in the highly controversial industry of fracking.

George Packer, Adam Davidson, and Jill Lepore on Short-Term Thinking in America

Friday, November 09, 2018

Three New Yorker writers discuss why the climate crisis is so hard for our democracy to address.  

From Underwater Mortgages to Underwater Buildings

Friday, November 09, 2018

The 2008 financial crisis hit Florida hard, but climate change will hit some waterfront areas even harder.

In Pennsylvania, a Pipeline Shakes up the Political Map

Friday, October 26, 2018

The Mariner East pipeline project carries fracking by-products through the back yards of some unhappy voters who think both parties are to blame.

Is It Safe to Vote?

Friday, October 12, 2018

Russian intelligence has been probing for weaknesses in our election systems. And there are plenty. Can states secure themselves from attack in time for the midterms?    

Trade Wars at the Ballot Box

Friday, September 28, 2018

Donald Trump says trade wars are “easy to win.” Will they help the Democrats win the midterms?

Jill Lepore on the Long Sweep of American History

Friday, September 21, 2018

In “These Truths,” a historian shares her deep perspective on American conflicts past and present.

Rachel Carson Dreams of the Sea

Friday, September 14, 2018

Before “Silent Spring,” Rachel Carson fell in love with the ocean, and her writings about the sea and its creatures are like nothing else.  

David Attenborough’s Planet (We Just Live on It)

Friday, September 14, 2018

The master of the nature documentary shares lessons from a life spent observing life in every corner of the world.