Sidney Farber

Sidney Farber, considered the father of modern chemotherapy and pediatric pathology, was also a very successful cancer research fundraiser.

Sidney Farber (September 30, 1903—March 30, 1973) was born in Buffalo, New York and graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1927. Beginning in 1929 he researched childhood disorders and chemotherapy at Harvard and at Children's Hospital in Boston. Following his breakthrough 1948 article on leukemia Dr. Farber established the Children's Cancer Research Foundation, where he practiced the idea of "total care" for patients, while continuing to conduct research and advocate for more governmental funding. In 1955 he discovered that actinomycin D and radiation therapy could produce remission in Wilms' tumor, a pediatric cancer of the kidneys. Farber Hall at SUNY is named after him.

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Sidney Farber, Chemo Crusader

Friday, March 27, 2015

In Early Therapy, Equal Doses of Caution & Optimism.
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1964 Lasker Awards Luncheon

Thursday, November 19, 1964

Lasker Awards Luncheon from 1964. Details listed here:

Luncheon includes the following notable speakers and guests: Senator-Elect Robert Kennedy, Dr. Farber. Robert Wagner, Nathan S. Klein, Renato Dulbecco, Harry Rubin.

The luncheon begins with remarks from Senator-Elect Kennedy. He gives ...