Robert Goodman

community organizers for Safe Streets/Strong Communities in New Orleans

Robert Goodman appears in the following:

The Life and Legacy of Cato

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rob Goodman and Jimmy Soni tell the history of Marcus Porcius Cato, the last man standing when Rome’s Republic fell to tyranny. Their biography, Rome’s Last Citizen: The Life and Legacy of Cato, Mortal Enemy of Caesar, resonates deeply with our own turbulent times. Cato grappled with terrorists, a debt crisis, endemic political corruption, and a huge gulf between the elites and those they governed.

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Building Trust Between Community and Police In New Orleans

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The New Orleans Police Department is in trouble with the law. The department is under at least eight federal criminal investigations, including several cases in which police killed civilians. The details revealed in the investigations are horrific. n the Danziger Bridge case, a mentally handicapped man was shot in the back of the head, and police stomped on his body. In the Glover case, a man was killed and his body was torched inside his car.

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