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Architecture and Acoustics

Monday, September 10, 2012

Victoria Newhouse, author of Site and Sound: The Architecture and Acoustics of New Opera Houses and Concert Halls, is joined by Carl Rosenberg, an acoustician with the Acentech sound consultants, and Raphael Mostel, a composer and critic. They’ll discuss the aesthetics and acoustics in concert halls and opera houses of the past and future, and new technologies used in new buildings.

Victoria Newhouse narrated an audio slideshow of China's new concert halls on WQXR.org. Take a look—and listenhere.

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The Ill Effects of Urban Noise

Monday, September 21, 2009

Be it sirens, jackhammers, or your neighbor's too-loud TV, noise is everywhere in the urban landscape. Today, we'll talk about how to protect yourself from all that racket with guests Arline Bronzaft, Chair of the Noise Committee on the Mayor's Committee on the Environment of New York City, and composer ...

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