Nazanin Rafsanjani

iPhone or Android/Mac or PC?

No Iphone or Andriod.  And Mac.

What word would the other producers use to describe you?

No idea.  Chuckle-y? No idea.

What embarrasses you about your media diet?

One of my skills (skills?) in life is tuning out the stupid parts of tv shows and focusing on the parts I like.  Given that skill, I like a lot of embarrassing tv including but not limited to:  Cougar Town(funny jokes!), Keeping Up with the Kardashians (interesting family dynamic!), Game of Thrones (gratuitous violence!), Dancing with the Stars (ball room dancing!).  Plus, I like the new show Happy Endings.  That one is really a little embarrassing.  But I like it and I even find myself thinking about the characters in my daily life…like when I’m waiting for the train or something.

What would your cable news show be called?               

“If This Isn’t A Bad Time I Have Some Questions for You If That’s Okay” with Nazanin Rafsanjani

What is your favorite thing about On the Media?

Watching the show come together each week between Monday when we’re often facing a big scary empty hour and Friday when we’ve settled on themes and found our stories and edited everything.  

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