Dr. Michael McDonald

George Mason University

Michael McDonald is an associate professor of government and politics in the Department of Public and International Affairs at George Mason University.

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With One in Three Voters Still Undecided, A Look at the 'Persuadables'

Thursday, October 28, 2010

With just five days left until mid-term elections, Republicans and Democrats alike going to be making lots phone calls and knocking on lots of doors, trying to reach out and talk to undecided voters — or as they’re called in polling circles, “persuadables.” That little semantic shift that reveals how desirable these voters are and what lengths a campaign will go to in order to get them. 

But who are these persuadables? And what exactly do they need to be persuaded?

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voter turnout

Monday, November 03, 2008

Record numbers of Americans voted early this year. Michael McDonald, a voting expert and professor at George Mason University, analyzes what we know about those early votes, and what they say about what will happen tomorrow.