Marisa Day

We are not one self, but many selves in one body. Sometimes I wonder how I fuse my myriad of interests into one semi-sane pink haired girl. I am a 17 year old senior at Curtis High School, currently flipping out about college decisions, printing a zine, founding a youth activist network, starting a coffeehouse, going to acting and dance classes and going to punk shows. Even the music I listen to is indicative of how confused and diverse I am: political punk/hardcore and showtunes. I believe in social change, in the importance of awareness and action. I combine and balance that with my passion for theatre and literature. I want to both expand the mediums I can express myself in and develop myself so I have something to express. That's why I'm involved in Radio Rookies. Apathy is worthless; Viva independent media! October 2001

Interesting Fact: My favorite place in the Metropolitan Museum of Art is "The Room From The Nur Ad Din House."

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Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Marisa, leftist teen activist, tries to start a youth activism group on Staten Island and learns a few things about what does and doesn't sway the conservative masses.