Keven Gambold

Former Royal Air Force Tornado pilot turned Predator/Reaper operator

Former Royal Air Force Tornado pilot turned Predator/Reaper operator and now director of operations for “Unmanned Experts”, a consultancy firm for unmanned aerial vehicles

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Next Generation of Drones Won't Require Operator

Friday, January 27, 2012

Consisting of one-third of all military aircrafts, drones have played a major role in U.S. military operations in Pakistan, Yemen, and Afghanistan. Relying on a remote pilot to carry out airstrikes, drones are cheaper to build and operate than other types of aircrafts. However a new experimental drone, the X-47-B, will be entirely computer-controlled, and therefore more akin to cruise missiles.

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Will Drones in Libya Help Overthrow Gadhafi?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Armed drones will soon fly in Libya in order to help enforce the no-fly zone in place there, the White House announced last week. Drones have been a controversial military weapon over the past few years, and a new study by the British Defense Ministry, believes new technologies, such as drones, may mean we resort to military conflict much sooner and easier than before. Are drones really a useful tool in military conflict or do they just serve to escalate the situation? 

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