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Rate Of Unaccompanied Minors Entering The U.S. Soared In February

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Along the Southwest border, thousands of unaccompanied minors are arriving without a parent or legal guardian. They're part of a surge of unauthorized border crossings.


Asylum-Seekers Are Entering The U.S. Again — But Many More Migrants Are Left Behind

Saturday, March 06, 2021

Many are fleeing crime and poverty in Central America and rushing to the U.S.-Mexico border. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas this week called the situation a "stressful challenge."


Asylum Seekers Are Allowed Into U.S. For Their Day In Immigration Court

Friday, March 05, 2021

The Biden administration is allowing asylum seekers who have been waiting in Mexican border towns into the U.S. for their day in immigration court. Now more migrants are surging to the border.


U.S. Begins Letting In Migrants At Mexico Refugee Camp

Friday, March 05, 2021

The Biden Administration's reversal of the program known as "Remain in Mexico" does not mean that everyone affected by it gets automatically let into the United States.


A Chapter In U.S. History Often Ignored: The Flight Of Runaway Slaves To Mexico

Sunday, February 28, 2021

As the U.S. Treasury considers putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill to honor her role in the northbound underground railroad, new attention is being paid to the often overlooked southbound route.


With Border Wall Construction Finally On Hold, Activists Worry About What's Next

Monday, February 01, 2021

While border wall opponents are celebrating, they also say the fight may not be over. Environmental activists want wildlife corridors restored; others oppose security measure like cameras and drones.


Biden Suspends Border Wall Construction For Two Months

Sunday, January 31, 2021

President Biden has halted construction of the massive wall on the U.S.-Mexico border for two months while officials determine what to do next.


Biden's 100-Day Deportation Moratorium Blocked By Federal Judge

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

A federal judge in Texas halted President Biden's 100-day moratorium on deportations of unauthorized immigrants. That is just one obstacle as Biden tries to end Trump-era immigration policies.


Asylum Seekers Hope Biden's Pledge To Welcome Immigrants Includes Them

Friday, January 22, 2021

One of the most daunting immigration challenges facing the Biden administration is what to do about the multitudes of migrants who want asylum protection in the United States.


President Biden's White House Introduces Initiatives On Immigration

Thursday, January 21, 2021

President Biden seeks not just to undo Trump's most controversial immigration policies, but to make a pathway to legalization for more than 10 million immigrants who are in the country illegally.


'Where The Magic Happens': Following A Tasty Taco Trail In South Texas

Sunday, January 17, 2021

In Brownsville, Texas, two Mexican restaurants are pushing the envelope of what a corn tortilla can envelop, and an award-winning cafe cooks barbacoa the old-fashioned way.


Trump Visits Border Wall To Show Off A Signature Election Promise

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

President Trump on Tuesday made a quick trip to the southern border in Texas to highlight his immigration agenda, which he considers one of the major accomplishments of his presidency.


Behind Backyard Bar-B-Que's James Beard Award-Winning Barbacoa

Saturday, January 02, 2021

Barbacoa, the ancient method of cooking meat until it's tender, gained one establishment in South Texas the prestigious James Beard Award in 2020.


Person Responsible For Nashville's Christmas Day Blast Is Identified

Monday, December 28, 2020

Investigators have found that Anthony Warner is the person responsible for the blast. They say he died in the bombing. Officials wouldn't comment on possible motives for the bombing.


Investigators In Nashville Looking For The How And Why To Christmas Day Explosion

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Investigators in Nashville are combing the site of a Christmas morning explosion. Authorities say it was caused by an RV filled with explosives, which issued a 15-minute warning before it blew up.


The Latest From Nashville After Explosion

Saturday, December 26, 2020

The latest on the Christmas Day explosion in downtown Nashville.


Contractors Dynamite Mountains, Bulldoze Desert In Race To Build Trump's Border Wall

Friday, December 11, 2020

They're destroying wilderness prized by biologists to construct as many miles of border wall as possible — even though the incoming Biden administration is expected to cancel the barrier.


COVID-19 Hits Hard For South Louisiana's Cajun Musicians

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Cajun life is all about getting together to be with people to celebrate what you love: music, food and camaraderie. But the pandemic has shut that life down.


Judge Says Coronavirus Can't Be Used As Reason To Quickly Deport Unaccompanied Minors

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Judge Emmet Sullivan issues a preliminary injunction, telling agents to stop the rapid expulsions of kids arriving with no adult. Since March, nearly everyone seeking asylum has been turned back.


Trump's Border Wall Builders Carry On Even Though Projects May Never Be Completed

Monday, November 16, 2020

Builders are hurrying to get as many miles completed as possible before President-elect Joe Biden can cancel contracts. Biden has said his administration would stop building the wall.