Jim Sheldon

Jim Sheldon appears in the following:

Juscelino Kubitschek

Wednesday, October 19, 1966

Former head of Brazil says a combination of tyranny and hunger is preparing for tomorrow's catastrophe.


Linden Forbes Burnham

Wednesday, December 08, 1965

He talks about his nation's coming independence.


William Ryan

Wednesday, September 08, 1965

William Ryan on how he can solve New York's problems in this area better than others running for Mayor.


Paul Yu Pin

Wednesday, March 17, 1965

Paul Yu Pin talks about education at his university and his desire to return to the mainland of China.


Dr. Luther Terry

Thursday, August 20, 1964

The problem of smoking cigarettes is not going to be conquered by converting smokers; it's going to depend on success of appealing to the youth.