Jacqueline "Jacky" Monterosso

My name is Jacqueline Victoria Monterosso (Jacky) and I'm a 16 year old whose number one concern right now is making it through high school in one piece. I enjoy anything having to do with water, primarily swimming and sailing. For the past nine years I've been playing the guitar, and recently have gotten into the classical end of it. I love to sink in big comfy chairs with a cup of coffee and a pen and spill my guts on a piece of paper. I'm the local listener for all of my friends. I've lived in NYC my whole life. October 2001

Interesting fact: I am a klutz and I fall alot!

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Stress After 9/11

Monday, April 15, 2002

Since September 11th, Jacky has noticed that confusion and anxiety has seeped into the everyday lives of Staten Island teens -- including her own.