Herman Neuman

Herman Neuman appears in the following:

Tommy Cowan: Testimonial luncheon

Tuesday, February 05, 1963

A veteran reporter speaks of the early days at WNYC.


What is the Future of Opera in English?

Wednesday, November 04, 1953

This episode is from the WNYC archives. It may contain language which is no longer politically or socially appropriate.

This episode of Speaking of Music varies from the usual format, instead of an individual artist discussing music, four experts converse on the subject.

Guests include:
Dr. ...


Herman Neuman [with the] WNYC Orchestra.

Sunday, December 06, 1942

Herman Neuman conducts the WNYC Concert Orchestra.

2 discs.


Some skips/fused grooves.

Actual rundown:

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, 1756-1791. Symphony K. 385 "Haffner", D major (mvts. 2 and 4, incomplete)

Stravinsky, Igor, ...


7:00 - Kovacs Gypsy Trio.

Thursday, December 03, 1931

Weber announces "Gypsy" violinist Martha Kovacs accompanied on piano by Herman Neuman. Kovacs plays "Resignation" by Charles Dancla (incomplete), and "Melancolie", by Hubert Leonard (incomplete), and a Serenade by Drdla (incomplete). Ms. Kovacs is only heard playing briefly at the end.

WNYC archives id: 73806


6:00 - Time, Aviation report.

Thursday, December 03, 1931

WNYC Sign-on by announcer Roland Weber. Time (6:00:30 PM) weather and an announcement about holiday mail delivery, followed by a brief piano interlude performed by Herman Neuman. A passing mention of Football Commissioner Walter F. Ocean's decisions regarding referee assignments.

WNYC archives id: 73691


11:10 A. M. - Jean Rea, songs.

Thursday, December 03, 1931

Virginia "Jean" Rea sings Gloria Swanson’s well-known song, "Love, Your Spell is Everywhere", with Herman Neuman at the piano. This is followed by a rendition of Irene Canning's song "Just Been Wondering" and Wilfred Sanderson's "Until".

Severe speed fluctuations throughout.

Audio courtesy of the NYC Municipal Archives ...


7:00 - Unemployment relief program; Musical Pastels trio; Nita Novi, accordion; Clara D'Angelo, soprano.

Wednesday, December 02, 1931

The Musical Pastels Trio performs (Arthur Jaffe [?], violoncello; Mary [Jane] Genovese, violin; Melvin Feldman [?], piano), along with Nita Novi, accordion, and Clara D'Angelo, soprano.

Musical Pastels Trio performs "Hungarian Serenade", by Victorin Joncières.

Nita Novi performs "Accordiana", by Charles Magnante.


6:00 - Time; Aviation report.

Wednesday, December 02, 1931

Time is given at the tone (6:00 PM), by host Roland Weber, followed by a brief weather report based on information gathered by an airstrip on Long Island.

A piano selection is played by Herman Neuman.

Roland Weber with a complete, clean Station ID. ...


6:00 - Time; Police Aviation.

Tuesday, December 01, 1931

Roland Weber announces time of day and the weather for aviators. Herman Neuman provides a short musical interlude on the piano. This is the earliest known evidence of WNYC’s first Music Director and one of the founders of the American Music Festival. Program is cut short.

WNYC archives id: 73651


8:15 - Edwin Grasse, violin.

Tuesday, December 01, 1931

Herman Neuman introduces a selection for violin. "Variations of Corelli" [Tartini or Kreisler?] performed by violinist Edwin Grasse. No music.

WNYC archives id: 73796