Gilbert Seldes

Gilbert Seldes appears in the following:

Does the Public Get What it Wants? Panel Discussion : [Museum of Modern Art Symposium]

Tuesday, April 25, 1950

Silent screen legend Mary Pickford says current movie stars are exploited by the system. She laments that the glamor of the past has disappeared.


No. 26 Grand finale

Sunday, May 07, 1939

A short history of the United States, emphasizing collaboration among diverse groups.


No. 25 An industrial city

Sunday, April 30, 1939

The story of Saint Paul, Minnesota: its settlement and growth via contributions from French, Swedish and German immigrants.


No. 24 A New England town

Sunday, April 23, 1939

The history of Hatfield, Mass., as a typical early American town.


No. 23 Social Progress

Sunday, April 16, 1939

Contributions from immigrants to American social change movements such as populism, labor unions, education, and universal suffrage.


No. 22 Contributions in arts and crafts

Sunday, April 09, 1939

Selected contributions by immigrants to literature, architecture, motion pictures, music, and industrial design.


No. 21 Contributions in science

Sunday, April 02, 1939

A history of science in the United States, highlighting contributions from foreign-born Americans.


No. 20 Contributions in industry

Sunday, March 26, 1939

A history of American industry, highlighting the contributions of immigrants such as David Lubin.


No. 18 Near Eastern peoples

Sunday, March 12, 1939

A dramatization of the plight of Near-East immigrants, including Syrians, Armenians and Greeks.