Dr. Gary Namie

Director, Workplace Bullying Institute (workplacebullying.org)

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What You Can Do When Bullied At Work

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Three things that are simple to list but very difficult to accomplish. It's an uphill, David 'n Goliath, struggle.

Step One - Name it! Legitimize Yourself!

  • Choose a name — bullying, psychological harassment, psychological violence, emotional abuse — to offset the effect of being told that because your problem is not illegal you cannot possibly have a problem. This makes people feel illegitimate. The cycle of self-blame and anxiety begins.
  • The source of the problem is external. The bully decides how to target and how, when and where to harm people. You did not invite, nor want, the systematic campaign of psychological assaults and interference with your work. Think about it. No sane person wakes up each day hoping to be humiliated or berated at work.
  • There is tremendous healing power in naming. Hard to believe at first, but very true...
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