David Randolph

David Randolph appears in the following:


Sunday, January 15, 1961

David Randolph explores the intellectual and sensual pleasures of music by using variations on melodies.



Sunday, December 14, 1958

David Randolph explores the concept of "romanticism" without restricting it to a time-period in music;


Beethoven Choral Fantasy

Sunday, October 05, 1958

David Randolph explores the concept of idea development, and "how a composer's mind works".


The Madrigals of Monteverdi

Sunday, March 23, 1958

David Randolph presents madrigals of Claudio Monteverdi, characterising them as full of passion and humanity.


The Musical Personality of Bach

Sunday, March 09, 1958

David Randolph explores the many musical moods of Bach: exalted, pensive, romantic...


Development of the Modern Keyboard

Monday, April 15, 1957

David Randolph traces the history of keyboard instruments.


Birds in Music

Monday, February 06, 1956



A Tribute to Olin Downs

Friday, April 01, 1955

David Randolph pays tribute to New York Times music cirtic Olin Downs. In 1954 Downs was a guest on Music for the Connoisseur


Music and Poetry

Saturday, March 12, 1955

Poetry and Music - Opens with a song by Gustav Mahler ”“"Where The Shining Trumpets Blow." The singer is Lorna Sydney. “Praise of Intellec" by Mahler sung by Alfred Poil Vienna State Opera Orchestra under the direction of Felix Prohaska. The Youth’s Magic Horn recorded by Vanguard


Influences on Mozart, Haydn, Bach, Handel

Tuesday, January 25, 1955

This broadcast is for listeners who especially interested in the music of Haydn, Mozart, Bach, and Handel.


WNYC 30th Anniversary Special

Thursday, July 08, 1954

This episode is from the WNYC archives. It may contain language which is no longer politically or socially appropriate.

Excerpts illustrating WNYC's 30-year-old legacy on the air. An announcer introduces each clip and provides context.

Clip list:
Mayor La Guardia speaking at an unnamed ...


Composers Senses of Humor

Tuesday, June 01, 1954

David Randolph devotes this program to finding out whether composers have a sense of humor.


Composers' Styles

Tuesday, March 30, 1954

An exploration of distinctive composers' styles.


Unusual Instruments

Thursday, December 17, 1953

We will hear music played by out of the ordinary instruments or music in which the ordinary instruments are treated in an extraordinary fashion.


Works based on other composers' music

Tuesday, February 03, 1953

David Randolph explores the idea of originality in works based on other composers' music.


Composers for the keyboard

Thursday, January 22, 1953

David Randolph takes us on a sweeping historical tour of music composed for the keyboard, from the earliest clavichords to the 20th century's "prepared piano".


The Development of Keyboard Instruments

Tuesday, January 01, 1952

How some composers have used and misused the keyboard.



Wednesday, April 12, 1950

This is a program that can be viewed a couple of ways. Check it out.


Music by W.F.Bach; pieces by Jean Jacques Rousseau, Nietzsche, Borodin, others

Tuesday, April 11, 1950

Concerto for Clavier and strings by W.F.Bach; pieces by Jean Jacques Rousseau Nietzsche, Borodin, others.


Concert by the Society for Forgotten Music Quartet

Tuesday, February 14, 1950

This episode is from the WNYC archives. It may contain language which is no longer politically or socially appropriate.

David Randolph hosts the concert from the Music School Settlement of East 3rd Street, Manhattan.

Works by Henry Hadley, Alexander Reinagle, Francis Hopkinson, Charles Martin Loeffler, Horatio Parker ...