Danny Stiles

Host, Danny Stiles Music Museum

"Music ended for me around 1960," says Danny Stiles. Every Saturday, The Vicar of Vintage takes a trip back in time to spin oldies, including his favorite artists Artie Shaw, the Andrew Sisters, Billie Holiday, Benny Goodman, Bing Crosby, Dinah Washington, and Glenn Miller. A 50-year radio veteran, Stiles-also known as the Archangel of Archives, Ballaboos of Beautiful Ballads, Didactic Doctor of Dreamy Discology, Dean of Deja Vu, Great Guru of Golden Gramophones, Passionate Pasha of Peripatetic Platters, and Stiles on your Dials-combs his collection of 250,000 records for every show. Danny's favorite New York joint: The Red Blazer. "A stunning, posh place. It's the former home of John Drew Barrymore, and an excellent spot for the Lindy Hop or slow drag with a pretty girl."