Andy Lanset

Director of Archives, New York Public Radio

Andy Lanset appears in the following:

Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.--Has the Constitution Outlived Its Usefullness

Sunday, February 21, 1993

Has the Constitution outlived Its usefulness?


Issac Bashevis Singer--Readings From Unpublished Works

Sunday, January 24, 1993

Nobel Laureate Issac Bashevis Singer reads selections from his unpublished works.


Alan Lomax

Sunday, January 17, 1993

Lomax talks about Leadbelly to computerized analysis of folksongs.


Eric Zoro: WNYC's Morning Man for 20+ Years

Wednesday, November 01, 1989

"Smoke came out of my fingertips and I couldn't talk...but went back on the air that night."
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John A. Catsimatidis

Friday, July 29, 1983

John Catsimatidis, owner of the Gristedes supermarket chain.


Mark Goodson

Friday, May 20, 1983

Mark Goodson on Insight on 1983-05-20


Mike Wallace

Friday, May 13, 1983

1980s series

WNYC archives id: 59340


Dorothy Schiff

Friday, May 06, 1983

A former publisher of the New York Post talks about the newspaper when she ran it and now, after its sale to Rupert Murdoch.