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When is a Work of Art Finished?

Monday, April 04, 2016

A new exhibit at the Met Breuer, “Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible,” examines unfinished artworks from the Renaissance through today.

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The Renaissance Portrait at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Curators Keith Christiansen and Andrea Bayer discuss the exhibition "The Renaissance Portrait from Donatello to Bellini," on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art through March 18. It celebrates Italian 15th-century portraiture, bringing together approximately 160 works by Donatello, Filippo Lippi, Botticelli, Verrocchio, Ghirlandaio, Pisanello, Mantegna, Giovanni Bellini, and Antonello da Messina, and includes painting, manuscript illumination, marble sculpture and bronze medals. 

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Art and Love in Renaissance Italy

Monday, February 02, 2009

Objects created to celebrate love and marriage in the Italian Renaissance – like jewelry, birth trays, and even somewhat-raunchy statuettes – are now on display at the Metropolitan Museum in "Art and Love in Renaissance Italy." Andrea Bayer and Linda Wolk-Simon are curators.