Alena Kuczynski

Hey, I'm Alena Kuczynski. I currently live in downtown Manhattan, although I have lived in Davis, CA and Miami, FL. I've lived in NYC the longest though. I like my music (punk, alternative, etc.), trying new things, snowboarding, being with my friends, acting, dancing, etc. I'm currently home-schooled. One of the hardest parts of home schooling is budgeting my time, which is what I'm stressing over these days. This September I'm going to LaGuardia High School (for drama). I'm equally interested in my academics as I am in the arts. I have one older brother who is a sophomore at Stanford. I'm fascinated and confused by the world and I love to explore it. I like being carefree and playful, but I can also be serious. I'm very outgoing and straightforward. I love the color black.

Interesting Fact: I really want to skydive but I have to be 18 first. I am also saving up for a trip to Africa. I want to bungee jump off the bridge over the Victoria Falls.

Alena Kuczynski appears in the following:

Teen Rights

Friday, January 24, 2003

Alena's parents let her make a lot of her own decisions, but when Alena leaves her apartment she feels less free.

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