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YouTube videos are helping reunite loved ones separated by the India-Pakistan border

Friday, August 12, 2022

Two Pakistani friends make videos in which those who lived through India's 1947 Partition describe loved ones they lost at the time. With viewers' help, siblings and others are reunited after decades.


Floating in a rubber dinghy, a filmmaker documents the Indus River's water woes

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Pakistani filmmaker Wajahat Malik pulled together an expedition to raft down the 2,000-mile river. He hopes to reconnect people with the Indus, which is being threatened by overuse and climate change.


After a week of political chaos in Pakistan, more turmoil lies ahead

Friday, April 08, 2022

The country's Supreme Court said a move by Prime Minister Imran Khan to dissolve parliament rather than face a no-confidence vote was unconstitutional. What happens next isn't entirely clear.


Pakistan is thrown into crisis after the prime minister dissolves parliament

Sunday, April 03, 2022

The nation's politics was thrust into disarray after Prime Minister Imran Khan dissolved parliament ahead of a vote on a no-confidence motion in which he was widely expected to lose.


Pakistan's Imran Khan faces a political showdown — without the army for support

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Amid a series of missteps, the cricket star-turned-politician faces a no confidence vote after the country's all-powerful generals signaled that they would no longer back him.


Pakistan has a big idea: Send 13,000 teams led by women to vaccinate the hesitant

Saturday, March 05, 2022

The vaccinators are going door-to-door in what the government is calling an unprecedented effort, toting coolers with a mix of COVID vaccine types.


Pakistan Court Orders Release Of Man Accused Of Killing 'Wall Street Journal' Reporter

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Journalist Daniel Pearl's beheaded body was found in a shallow grave in the Pakistani port city of Karachi in 2002. The murder conviction of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh was overturned last year.


Man Charged With Killing Journalist Daniel Pearl Ordered Released By Pakistan Court

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh's murder conviction was overturned in April and he was ordered released for time served for kidnapping Pearl. He has remained in detention pending appeals.


With Glaciers Melting And Temps Soaring, Pakistan Pursues Big Action On Climate Change

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

A new electric vehicle policy. Renewable energy. 10 billion trees: Pakistan launches ambitious green policies. Will they succeed?


The Disappeared Of Pakistan Have New Champions: Young Women

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

They're speaking out and leading protests to learn the fate of fathers and brothers who are among the many hundreds of disappeared Pakistanis — most of them men. Are they making a difference?


Pandemic Panic In Pakistan: 'People Are Just Literally Fighting For Beds"

Friday, June 19, 2020

That's the perspective of Dr. Samar Fakhar, a surgeon at the government-run Khyber Teaching Hospital, as cases surge and tensions rise.


Pakistan Calls Off Limits On Mosque Attendance In Time For Ramadan

Thursday, April 23, 2020

The clampdown on public gatherings was openly defied by clerics and worshippers. Now the government has changed the rules as the holy month is about to begin.


Pakistan Limits Worshippers At Mosques. Many Worshippers Are Defiant

Friday, April 17, 2020

Pakistani authorities have called for a maximum of 5 worshippers in a mosque. Many in the religious community disagree — and the issue will only become more heated as Ramadan approaches.


Pakistan Has A Plan To Keep Millions From Going Hungry During Shutdown. Will It Work?

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

As incomes dry up for low-paid Pakistanis during the COVID-19 crisis, the government is massively expanding a program that gives cash to the out-of-work. But concerns are being raised about its reach.


Social Distancing Is A Distant Dream In Pakistan's Urban Slums

Monday, April 06, 2020

In a poor neighborhood in Islamabad, houses are right up against each other, families may live 10 or more in a single room and streets are narrow and crowded.


As The Coronavirus Spreads In Pakistan, Volunteers Rush Out To Help

Monday, March 30, 2020

One Pakistani entrepreneur is making protective gear. A Pakistani lawyer raised thousands of dollars and converted his office into a food storehouse for people in need.


Why Pakistanis In The Otherworldly Highlands Aren't Happy To See Pakistani Tourists

Saturday, February 15, 2020

In the far northern region of snow-capped peaks, glaciers, rivers and orchards, domestic visitors are earning a bad reputation.


Pakistani Author Comes Under Fire For Satirical Novel After Urdu Edition Is Published

Friday, January 10, 2020

Copies of a new Urdu edition of Mohammed Hanif's 2008 novel, A Case of Exploding Mangoes, were seized Monday. Rights groups say it's another sign that freedom of expression is threatened in Pakistan.


'Scary Moms' Are Part Of The Citizen War Against Pollution In Pakistan

Monday, January 06, 2020

Environmental advocates in smog-choked Lahore say the Pakistani government has long downplayed the problem of air pollution. That might be changing.


UNICEF Estimates 400,000 Babies Will Be Born On New Year's Day

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Over half those births will happen in just eight countries, according to the U.N. agency.