Heed Sir Patrick Stewart’s Call To Support WNYC

Sir Patrick Stewart is a member, and wants you to be one, too. He spent some time in our studios recently, and we think you’ll be as thrilled as we were with the results. Listen, laugh and then take a moment to join Sir. Patrick and become a WNYC member right now! And thanks!

To Be (Come) A Member

To pledge, to join! No more to delay, but by a pledge to temper the thousand expenses WNYC is heir to.


Until recently, I've only been acting like a true New Yorker. But it was all an act until I became a member of WNYC. 

Celebrity Persuasion

This is Sir Patrick FREAKIN' Stewart, and I want you to support this remarkable radio station!

Bossy Pants

Fellow listeners, consider pledging to WNYC. Make it so!

Patrick the Powerful

For a limited time only, donate any amount and I will deem you
worthy of traveling the cosmos with me on a hyper-powered starcraft.

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Comments [6]

Mary Sue Rowan from Masonville, Colorado

My daughter in Manhattan texted me about this radio spot. I'm in Colorado, and I love Patrick Stewart. Thanks! I love NPR too!

Oct. 22 2014 05:18 PM

Luvv NPR and Patrick Stewart!!! Thank you so much for making it so 'Mon Capitaine et Professeur!'

Oct. 08 2014 08:39 PM
Christiarc from Oklahoma

Heard the Celebrity persuasion on the way to work, this morning. Laughed out loud :) Love that retired starship Captain :)

Mar. 26 2014 02:14 PM

Since I am an NPR geek and leave the radio on during pledge drives, I have to say I'm LOVING the Patrick Stewart spots. What a hoot! It even makes the pledge drives enjoyable -- Keep it up!

Feb. 22 2014 09:38 AM
Joan Wile from Manhattan

I listen to WNYc a lot, usually with a lot of interest and enthusiasm. But, now I am an even greater fan and listen even more intensely all the time……….The Patrick Stewart ads are a magnet to me -- they're even better than some of the programs. They're brilliant and, what's more, so much FUN! An ingenious and wonderful ad campaign

Feb. 21 2014 11:34 PM
Anne from Upper West Side

Please ask Jody Avirgan to speak in his crazy, Azerbaijani-sports-network voice.

Feb. 21 2014 06:01 PM

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