CAB meeting on May 18 at the Society for Ethical Culture:

  • This meeting was designed to help the CAB discuss its mission and goals for the next year.  It was the only meeting of the year without an outside speaker.
  • Lue Ann Eldar introduced the selection of 6 new candidates for the 2015-18 CAB out of 18 applicants.  The names and biographies of the candidates will be presented to the Board of Trustees on June 24.
  • Public commentary came from an individual with two concerns:

o   He felt the current spring fund-raiser was excessive.  The Chair responded that in previous discussions, NYPR management had explained that the fund-raisers were very effective at generating donations and could not easily be replaced.  The WQXR fund-free stream was also explained.  It was suggested that a 2015-16 CAB meeting be devoted to a discussion about fund-raisers.  It was also suggested that listeners might be less bothered if the goals of the fund-raisers (financial or other) were more clearly explained.

o   He commented that his reception for WQXR was weak even in Manhattan and asked about plans for upgraded broadcasting.

  • Statements were presented for CAB officers for 2015-16, with voting to take place in June.  Candidates include Lue Ann Eldar for Chair, Adam Wasserman for Co-Vice-Chair and Barbara Gerolimatos for Secretary.
  • The discussion of future CAB goals included the following:

o   A better-defined mission statement.

o   The continued participation of Laura Walker at our opening meeting in September (happily this seems likely to take place).

o   A thematic CAB meeting, for example specifically inviting teachers to attend as members of the public along with a guest speaker relevant to the theme.

o   Finding topics relevant to NJ and Queens for next year’s non-Manhattan meetings.

o   Expanding contacts with groups like the Center for Communication to encourage public participation.

o   Enhancing our web page with photos or sound bites to encourage attendance.

o   Devoting a meeting to Radio Rookies or other younger, less-established radio personnel.