CAB meeting on March 16 at the Greene Space:

  • Elliott Forrest, mid-day host of WQXR, spoke about hosting programs on both NYPR stations and answered questions.  He discussed the diversity of opportunities at the stations and explained that the future of classical music radio has become much brighter with the growth of digital listenership.
  • The CAB, whose outreach this year included meetings in Brooklyn and the Bronx, discussed meeting locations for 2015-16.  We voted to hold one meeting in Queens and possibly another in New Jersey.
  • The Recruitment Committee discussed how to increase the CAB’s diversity while adding only four members, as we will have few vacancies next year.
  • CAB Chair Steven Rapkin reported his meeting with Board of Trustees Chair Cynthia Vance and discussed plans to improve communication with the trustees by sending short emails after CAB meetings.
  • Public commentary included more questions about the role of underwriters, which the Chair was able to respond to with information from the January meeting.  Several members of the public expressed appreciation to Mr. Forrest for his informative and engaging discussion.