CAB meeting on Feb. 9 at the Society of Ethical Culture:

  • Thomas Hjelm, Chief Digital Officer, and Kevin Stuart, Vice President of Digital Product, discussed NYPR’s digital footprint, presented current and proposed digital applications and answered questions.  Public concerns included the protection of listener data, whether streaming and modularization discouraged longer programming segments, and the possibility of searching for content in digital broadcasts.
  • The CAB discussed the April meeting, which will be held at the Bronx Library Center and feature Brian Lehrer.  Topics centered on the Bronx, including the growing arts scene there and its role as a melting pot, were proposed.
  • The CAB began discussion of how many meetings are necessary.  Traditionally the CAB has met nine times a year, but it was proposed that the number be cut down to 6-8.
  • A handout for public commenters was presented by our Public Response Committee.  The handout welcomes the public, explains the role of the CAB, and gives further information for those who wish to contact the station.
  • Public commentary included appreciation for the CAB’s January exploration of corporate sponsorship and underwriting, a repeated comment from a member of the public about the composition of the Board of Trustees, and a request for the station to investigate foreign investment in NY real estate, which had recently been featured in the New York Times.