September 2017GUEST:Laura Walker, NYPR President and CEO


  • Presentation from Laura Walker
  • Q&A with Laura Walker
  • Public Comment
  • Community Advisory Board business




We discussed the station’s mission last year and mandates going forward

NY Public Radio Goals for 2018

  • Increase reach and make streaming more available through partnerships

○        WQXR’s new head  Shannon Connolly, Sr. VP and General Manager, Music, formerly of MTV, wants to bring classical music into the digital age and curate the experience

  • Sustain financial health by increasing annual revenue
  • Disrupt ourselves! “How do we become a convening force to promote the common good?”
  • Impact more people — as local journalism is shrinking, how can NYPR fill the void?

○        Knowing that local journalism is down because of how cheap and easy it is to get news

○        Partner with other journalists and organizations

○        Become a multi-platform journalism service


Great products ahead

  • The Werk It Festival for Women Podcasters
  • Nancy, the winner of the podcast accelerator project (picked from 400 entries); WNYC Studios' LGBTQ-themed show about how we define ourselves and the journey we take to get there
  • Stay Tuned with Preet is being developed with Preet Bharara, former US attorney,  as he is now the EVP of Some

Spider Studios






  • How can WNYC cover Albany better?
  • How does WNYC solicit the listener community in developing the digital agenda? Is WNYC projecting its own passion for politics onto the community? LW: stations haven’t done a blanket call-out for ideas. The station is asking how to get people interested in things they believe citizens need to know.
  • How can the CAB be helpful, since the station already has a feedback mechanism? LW: Feel empowered to do your own research and relay the feedback.
  • How will classical music reach new audiences? LW: The goal is for kids to be listening in their own environments. WQXR is developing content “packages” for teachers who may not know a lot about the music but gives enough information that they can connect it to their curriculum.
  • What are distribution challenges? LW: The stations have to buy licenses to be heard terrestrially in areas without public radio



Public Comments

  • Request for more difficult conversations about race, hearing things that might be uncomfortable but important
  • The CAB needs to follow-up with the station re responding to member-of-the-public questions.
  • Request for more environmental reporting and concern about LW’s mentioned sponsorship goals. The public speaker says there’s not enough transparency about how much money is coming in and that some of the sponsor companies are questionable and cited the pipeline company Williams.
  • Suggestion to solicit public and CAB questions in advance of meetings






  • Minutes from March, April and May 2016 approved
  • A call to solicit questions for the speaker in advance from Merwin Kinkade
  • How do we keep guests engaged? Grace to develop outreach/engagement plan using CAB gmail and will continue creating Facebook event pages
  • Confirming next meeting date
  • Call to adjourn





Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Greene Space, 44 Charlton Street, New York (Google map)

Guest: Brooke Gladstone, host of On The Media (follow Brooke on Twitter)





Adam Wasserman (excused) Andrew S. Greene (excused) Anita Aboulafia

Barbara Gerolimatos, Chair Carole Chervin

Chad Bascombe

David N. Sztyk (excused)

Donna Blank Erica Johnson

Grace Clarke, Vice-chair

Jacob Wojnas, Vice-chair

John Bacon (excused)


Kathryn Tornelli Lisa Nearier

Liz Buffa

Lue Ann Eldar Marlene Birnbaum Merwin Kinkade Michael Brown Michaela Balderston

Nancy Walcott, Vice-chair Peter Kentros

Samantha "Sam" Pedreiro (excused)

Stan Ince

Theodore Schweitzer (excused)


*italics = not present






Alex Murry, CAB Liaison Mary White, BOT Liaison