CAB Meeting - Oct 2014


New York Public Radio
Community Advisory Board
October 20, 2014


In attendance: Steven Rapkin, Lue Ann Eldar, Sarah Lenigan, Catherine Arcure, John Bacon, Gary Brocks, Renee Cherow-O’Leary, Merwin Kinkade, Stephanie LaFroscia, Matthew Ormsbee, Daniel Rath, Theodore Schweitzer, Adam Wasserman, Melissa Williams, Helen van der Voort.


Also in attendance: Graham Parker, GM of WQXR and VP of NYPR, Jennifer Mack, Community Engagement and Audience Development.


Members of the public in attendance: C. Gough, M. White, A. McKay


Merwin Kinkade moved approval of the agenda, seconded by Ted Schweitzer. Approved.


Minutes of CAB meeting of September 15, 2014 approved.


Steve Rapkin introduced Graham Parker to speak about WQXR initiatives.


Mr. Parker began by outlining the strategic context: festivals the past four years to bring together a number of items: coverage, Greene Space events, cultural partnerships, editorial, WNYC cross-promotion, brand awareness, live events, and on-air.



  • Increase in weekly cumulative audience ages 16-49
  • Identification of shared listening between WQXR and WNYC
  • Post-pledge recovery – during normal week they talk for 3 minutes per hour but during drive talk increases to >20 minutes, but audience bounces back after pledge week ends


  • Bringing new users to station


  • The station has brought in NY Presbyterian as sponsor

Bach week

  • BachStock -30 days of Peace and Music - programming will include My Daily Bach as a free download
  • David Dubal will do a one-hour show on Bach keyboard work
  • many other related events

Live events

  • On Being – the Greene Space, with Krista Tippett
  • St. Matthew Passion HD screening at the Symphony space with the Berlin Philharmonic
  • Carnegie Hall Live
  • Baby Got Bach
  • Bach Solo Organ marathon at St Peters Church (CitiCorp Center) 18-hour marathon with Julliard students, November 22-23.


  • Many new initiatives including Bach Stream, My Daily Bach, Marathon Playlists, Café Concerts, Conducting Business, Essential recordings, video, and pun generator (Bach to the Future, Bach Rules, etc.)

New App

  • Came out early September with updates beginning in November
  • Received rights to many performances that will be available on updated app
  • Curating lists such as cooking music, soothing classical, etc.


The station is always looking for feedback and many CAB members asked questions and gave suggestions. Discussion included information that NYPR will be doing more broadcasts from NJ and is looking to expand relationships with NJ including NJPAC; increasing child interest in classical music through just listening to the radio; increasing interaction with other sites such as I-Heart radio; monthly marathons highlight more traditional composers because of the variety of music needed; other thoughts for monthly focus include season, instruments; Bernstein centennial coming up. Graham also talked about matching the tempo of the music with the tempo of the time of day, various programming and the popularity of different hosts. Listeners tend to be 55 with a broader racial demographic. Younger listeners are accessing the station through digital - better than through “bricks and mortar” classical spots.


Public Comment: M. White expressed concern over the qualifications of MaryAnne Gilmartin, recently appointed to the Board of Trustees of NYPR. He suggested that the nomination of trustees come before the CAB and the public. Mr. White feels it is important to have critical coverage of the real estate industry in NYC, and he doesn’t feel that this subject is being covered sufficiently. He also wants public-purpose organizations not to be unduly influenced by financial interests.


C. Gough also shared concern about Ms. Gilmartin.


Steve Rapkin asked CAB members to update their contact information.


November meeting in Brooklyn: the CAB intends to have meetings outside of Manhattan. Sarah Lenigan reported that all the spaces she researched in Brooklyn charge for the size we need. Renee Cherow-O’Leary is trying to get a space at St. Francis College and partner with its media department for this event. Date has been moved to the November 18th and Manoush Zomorodi will be our special guest. Question as to whether the station should financially support our community outreach. Another possibility is to contact a borough president.


Lue Ann Eldar discussed the proposed CAB meeting in the Bronx on April 20th, 2015. The Library is available and they are awaiting certificate of insurance from the station. Swati Kurana and Lue Ann Eldar are collaborating on the topic of arts education and the creative economy of the Bronx. Sarah Lenigan expressed concern that the station doesn’t want us doing our own programming. Jennifer Mack talked about the various community outreach programs that have been put in place. Gary Brocks thought it might be an opportunity to bring the recipients of the instrument drive to us. Stephanie LaFroscia talked about the creation of the Bronx cultural trail and Bronx musical heritage society.


Creation of and assignment to CAB committees:

Digital committee  - Sarah Lenigan, Adam Wasserman, and Matthew Ormsbee

Public Response committee - Catherine Arcure, Dan Rath, and Melissa Williams

Programs - Renee Chernow-O’Leary, Stephanie LaFroscia, Gary Brock, and Merwin Kinkade

Recruitment  - Lue Ann Eldar, John Bacon, and Catherine Arcure Those not in attendance will be asked if they want to be on committees.  


Steve Rapkin asked for suggestions of future topics and Melissa Williams suggested a discussion of finances of the stations. Stephanie LaFroscia asked to review the definition and mission of the CAB and it was explained that the board found it more interesting to bring in speakers from the stations. The CAB also discussed how to attract the community through the website and how to get community input on topics.


Further public comment pointed out that the heading of the agenda should refer to the “interest of the listeners to WNYC and WQXR”. Correction will be made.


Motion to adjourn made by Merwin Kinkade, Matthew Ormsbee seconded. Agreed.


Helen van der Voort

CAB Secretary