CAB Meeting Minutes - Fiscal Year 2022

Meeting Dates & CAB Attendees

February 24, 2022 Attendees: David Boyd Booker, Carole Chervin, Christopher Bromson, Alex Hu, Hani Omar Khalil, Caroline Pasion

March 24, 2022 Attendees: Marlene Birnbaum, Christopher Bromson, Alex Hu, Hani Omar Khalil, Christopher Metzger, Caroline Pasion

May 18, 2022 Attendees: Christopher Bromson, Alex Hu, Caroline Pasion

June 22, 2022 Attendees: Christopher Bromson, Caroline Pasion

News Room


“My family is left leaning in a deeply Republican part of New Jersey. NYPR connects us and offers solace, and my kids now listen too”. (Listener has three kids age 11, 14 and 15)

  • The content makes the Station feel like a friend
  • Kids consume news at a higher level than adults. They get the news on social media first and then pursue deeper dives elsewhere
  • The on-air and podcast talent will never been widely appealing to young people, but social media content might
  • Young people love creating content, give them that opportunity



“The commitment to female composers and increasing the overall exposure of underrepresented composers and musicians on-air comes through, yet so does the dominance or male hosts and Station talent”

  • For better or worse, listeners seem highly perceptive and invested. In theory, the Station tests changes, those changes affect the listenership experience, the impact is measured and evaluated, the cycle begins again. How can the CAB assist with this cycle?

“I found Aria Code deeply engaging even though I don’t like opera"

  • The CAB wants to know what the secret sauce is and how it can be institutionalized across all new programming

“There’s a timer with young people and we must get classical music in their ear before their minds and preferences are set”

  • This listener stressed urgency. It would be interesting to figure out what that timer is so that it could inform strategy.

“Young people will become lifelong fans of classical music if they are exposed to it in the home, outside of the home, and in the content they consume”.  “Get classical music into the heads of young kids and it’ll stay there forever”

Sample suggestions:

  • Create an education “department” to create content that fosters engagement with the music (Met Opera does this)
  • Partner with schools (music curriculum is disappearing fast)
  • Find ways to get instruments into the hands of kids
  • Put more pianos in public places for passersby to play
  • Embed activities into the on-air content
  • Create opportunities for kids to be on stage
  • Find ways to blend classical music with interactive play

“Bring back placement of pianos in public spaces. People WILL play them and inspire others”

“Find a way to give young people an opportunity to perform on a stage”

  • Ambitious ideas for WQXR

“Young people need to see themselves in the content we are asking them to engage with”

  • Feature young voices in content and in marketing

“Other institutions like Carnegie Hall and the Met Opera have successfully created educational arms. Public schools lack commitment to music education, perhaps institutions like WQXR can help fill the void”

  • Forwarded feedback to WQXR

“Create extracurricular opportunities for kids to participate in music activities”

  • Forwarded feedback to WQXR



“I liked it when the Station seemed more accessible and democratic”

  • Listener would like the Station to bring back ways to engage with the organization- i.e. donor lunches and tours, Legacy Circle (still called this?) events

"Increase accessibility of Greene Space programming"



“NJPL content seems more difficult to find in the archives than other NYPR content”

“NYPR partners with the New York Public Library but doesn’t partner with New Jersey libraries”

  • This listener was essentially talking about how there isn’t enough differentiation of NJ content and coverage, and that NJ stations are just an outlet for other NYPR content.
  • Invest in community outreach and increased NJ coverage



“I have noticed an improvement in coverage of minority communities over the last 4 or 5 years though that coverage still sounds like it is looking in or over those communities, not coming from within”

  • Forwarded feedback to Newsroom

Question: “Once content is produced, how is it promoted to new and relevant audiences?”

  • Forwarded feedback to Marketing

“Coverage of minority and underrepresented neighborhoods shouldn’t just be when there is bad news”

  • Create podcasts covering news and stories from “outer” communities; content that would otherwise be too narrow for NYPR’s “prime” channels

A former Board member of Rhode Island Public Radio wondered if the only way to truly cover all communities is to establish physical bureaus throughout the city.  She also mentioned that increasing coverage of world music increased minority interest in content.

  • Interesting idea and observation