Minutes of the CAB 6/16/14 Society for Ethical Culture


In attendance

CAB members

Joyce Lannert

Lue Ann Eldar

Judith Cholst

Harriett Olson

David Sztick

Anita Aboulafia

Sue Hornik

Helen van der Voort

Swati Khurana

Sarah Lenigan

Andrew Greene


The meeting was called to order at 6:40.


Minutes from June will be approved via email (and subsequently approved).


Joyce Lannert opened the meeting and offered the opportunity for the public to make comments. Charles Karakian, a member of the public would like to have his folk dance sessions announced over WQXR and then offer classes and split the income with the station.


Another member of the public spoke of trouble getting the AM station the night that Hillary Clinton was being interviewed on Terry Gross. She also wondered why Brian Lehrer is not being rebroadcast at night – replaced by BBC News. She has spoken with the listener response line and has had good response to general queries but is not getting a response to this complaint. She does however feel she is being heard.


A Brooklyn resident complained that pirate radio stations interfere at night with the station so badly that it is almost impossible to hear FM radio.


Addison Thomson, a photographer and art dealer explained that he had found an early Andy Warhol self-portrait. He has sent the painting to an expert who agreed it was not a fake but the Warhol Foundation won’t help him. He is concerned that there is a potential law that would protect organizations from lawsuits regarding the authenticity of art, rather than relying on a panel of experts. He would like this topic to be covered on WNYC and he has given his presentation to Brian Lehrer. It was pointed out that the CAB has no sway over the programming.


Lue Ann Eldar, representing the Recruitment Committee discussed the process of recruitment. The Committee advertised on WQXR and WNYC. They received 32 letters of interest with resumes, distilled those to 14 and after interviews ended up with 8. The slate of candidates includes individuals with digital and medical expertise. The Committee is also happy to have made inroads into the Hispanic and LGBT communities. A vote of the slate was called. Judith Cholst moved and Anita Aboulafia seconded. All approved.


Discussion proceeded to holding CAB meetings outside of Manhattan. The point was made that it is very important to offer appropriate topics to encourage people to attend. Possible topics discussed include: rollout of universal pre-K, education, economic development, health. It was suggested that the CAB could piggy-back off of planned programming or work with community partners in the boroughs such as the Bronx Council of the Arts and the Trolley or Kingsbridge Library. Several other Bronx locations were suggested. Svati Khurana volunteered to help organize a meeting in the Bronx with Lue Ann Eldar.


Suggestions were also made for Brooklyn in November at the Grand Army plaza. Sarah Lenigan volunteered to assist with Brooklyn and it Anita Aboulafia was volunteered as well. The Ethical Society Culture in Brooklyn was sited as a back up.


Elections for Officers of the Board were then held with the slate as Steve Rapkin,  chairman, Lue Ann Eldar and Sarah Lenigan Vice Chairmen, and Helen van der Voort Secretary.


Sue Hornik moved and David Szitck seconded. All in favor and approved unanimously.


Further public comment indicated the desire for the hourly news brief back.


The meeting closed with recognition and thanks to Joyce Lannert for her exceptional role as Chairman of the Community Advisory Board.


Adjourned at 7:55.