WNYC-WQXR Community Advisory Board (CAB) Minutes
New York Society for Ethical Culture
The Adler Study
February 24, 2014, 6:30 pm
In attendance – Joyce Lannert (Chair), Lue Ann Eldar, Sarah Lenigan, Steven Rapkin, Anita Aboulafia, John Bacon, Gary Brocks, Renee Chernow-OLeary, Sue Hornik, Harriett Olson and David N. Sztyk (Excused Absences – Board Trustee Liaisons Ellen Polaner and Keith Thomas and CAB Members Judith Cholst, Michael Bauman, Andrew Greene, Swati Khurana, Theodore Schweitzer and Helen van der Voort.) WNYC Liaison - Jennifer Mack from WNYC-Community Engagement and Audience Development
Guest Presenter – Jim Schachter, Vice President for WNYC News
Members of the Public: Eugene Bronstein, Lynn Stoller, Catherine Arcure, Walter Tyszka, D. Rappaport, Electa Arenal, Fred Friedland and Sybil Oyman.
Joyce Lannert (Chair) welcomed members of the public and the CAB and opened the meeting by introducing the evening’s guest, Jim Schachter, who was scheduled to share information about the Health pilot and receive feedback about healthcare programming. Members of the public who had requested to speak at the top of the agenda were given the opportunity:
 Mr. Tyszka said that on both F.M. and A.M. stations, he is experiencing crackling sounds on his radio and wonders why this is occurring. He also observed that during Hurricane Sandy that it took a long time to get regular power to the a.m. station and he felt that Sandy stories were redundant—same stories, different people.
 Responding to Mr. Tyszka’s observations, Jim Schachter chimed in before his presentation and thanked Mr. Tyszka for listening so much for so long,” which is what the “station relies upon.” “We make it a point to repeat the stories…Most people listen in eight to ten-minute increments. We got a lot of praise on the way we stuck with the Sandy story and continue to stick with it in ways that others in the media did not. The work that we are doing is much more selective, noting how Hoboken was short-changed“ as an example.
 Other highlights of Mr. Schachter’s response included: WNYC is making significant investment in applications and web presence to build new audiences and that after Sandy, WNYC received funding to help toward these investments. There is also a film that chronicles the extensive damage to the station.
 Mr. Bronstein requested the inclusion of Jazz programming on WQXR.
 Having extended the courtesy of hearing the early public comments, Chairwoman Lannert said that the remaining public comments could be voiced near the end of the meeting.
 In his introduction, Mr. Schachter explained that when he came to WNYC from the New York
Times in 2012, a Health pilot was in the plan. Given his family’s personal experience with a
premature birth, he noted that often we feel by ourselves in dealing with the healthcare system
and that everyone has a starting point. “We (WNYC) are trying to find storytelling on topics
related to health such as the effects of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) in the
metropolitan area and by examining whether healthcare reform can lead to better healthcare.”
 Mr. Schachter explained that there has been a “journey of discovery and a long and winding
road” to gain funding for healthcare reporting. More specifically, he mentioned that there are
plans for a reporter to spend six months in The Bronx. There will also be other reporting that
will look at the impact of a community health clinic, medical science and discovery in
highlighting the most advanced research of NY and NJ from the perspectives of ethicists,
scientists and researchers.
 Mr. Schachter talked about creating a new level of sophistication and setting new standards in
radio storytelling and that WNYC has to reach people in their hearts and that it is an important
job to reach everyone when it comes to healthy living.
 Mr. Schachter said that his Health team was curious about the CAB’s general thoughts and
questions and that he was there to hear them and take notes.
 From the attendees, there were highly spirited comments and feedback on the Health pilot’s
topics ranging from doctors’ bedside manner, customization and personalization of insurance
benefits, type of music and hosts used in reporting segments, mental health, stress and DNA,
concern of stereotyping –ethnic/racial/gender treatment disparities, danger of self-diagnosis
(23 and me), epigenetics, medication, to an interest in having deeper reporting on how the
Affordable Care Act (ACA) works as well as the legal and social ramifications of various
syndromes, diseases and medical issues.
 Mr. Schachter concluded his presentation by saying that the session gave him “immense food
for thought” and that hosts and co-hosts will continue facilitative conversations with experts
from government, academia and university research facilities on the subject of health. Mr.
Schachter also mentioned that there will be an upcoming Sleep project to collect data for the
metropolitan area and to report on the findings.
 In response to several public comments about timing of information about the CAB agenda
and location of meetings, Ms. Lenigan noted that upcoming information could be posted on the
CAB Facebook page.
 Ms. Lenigan went over the procedure to post on Facebook. There was some confusion and
difficulty logging in as Administrator. Ms. Hornik suggested that we comment under our own
names. Ms. Lenigan reiterated that it is important to go back and check posts, and then post in
one’s own name so it ends up on each Wall where friends see it as well.
 It was suggested that we add a CAB e-mail address to the Facebook page so the public can
contact us directly if desired. Ms. Lannert gave the assignment to figure out Facebook
functionality and Ms. Lenigan indicated she would be available to help.
 Ms. Mack said that WNYC Listener Services would continue to work closely with the CAB and
the public for better and more timely information about meetings.
 Following his e-mail of 2/24, Mr. Rapkin said that based on the work the Recruitment Committee did last year, constituencies that were sought are now represented on the CAB. This year the Committee, consisting of Messrs. Rapkin, Bacon and Ms. Eldar, will concentrate on where we don’t have people. In particular, Mr. Rapkin said that could do much better in recruiting from The Bronx, Queens and NJ. The committee is seeking strong ideas and recommendations with a goal of receiving all nominees by April 20th.
 Duly acknowledged by Ms. Lannert and fellow CAB members, herewith were the public listener observations/needs/requests voiced at the end of the meeting by Messrs. Rappaport and Friedland and Mmes. Oyman, Arenal and Stoller:
o Accurate and timely information on meeting location on website/Facebook/phone.
o Interest in hearing about both WNYC and WQXR at CAB meetings.
o Better coordination of e-mails and correspondence from prospective CAB members.
o Interest in reporting on Real Estate development in NYC and the effect on traffic, safety and crime.
o Restore newscast on the hour.
o Continue breaking stories (cited NJ Bridge-gate).
o Continued public, focus group and CAB feedback on healthcare issues for relevant reporting.
 Ms. Lannert said that the CAB is trying to be more proactive. The CAB is also helping with the WQXR instrument drive (3/28-4/7) by getting the word out and that there were flyers for distribution at the sign-in table.
 Mr. Rapkin addressed recruitment communication concerns.
 Next month, March 17, the meeting is going to be in the Greene Space and a WQXR representative is expected.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.
Minutes submitted by: Lue Ann Eldar for Helen van der Voort

March 17, 2014

Community Advisory Board Minutes


CAB Members in attendance: Sarah Lenigan, Theodore Schweitzer, Judith Cholst, Lue Ann Eldar, Joyce Lannert, Gary Brocks, John Bacon, Helen van der Voort, Harriett Olson, Michael Bauman, Anita Aboulafia, Steve Rapkin


Ellen Polaner: WNYC Board Member.


Graham Parker, VP and GM WQXR; Kathleen Drohan, WQXR instrument drive project manager.


Public Audience in attendance: Kayla Gluck, Catherine Arcure, Timothy Buchman, Caroline C. Pasion, Len Polaner, Fred Friedland


Approval of minutes – Theodore Schweitzer approved, Sarah Lenigan seconded, approved unanimously


Public comment period: Timothy Buchman commented that he would like to make a donation to WQXR, however since WQXR joined with WNYC, he is redirected to WNYC or Development. He wants to know that his money is being sent to WQXR. Graham Parker explained that all gifts go to NY Public Radio, and gifts are acknowledged as to WQXR but are responded to as NY Public Radio. A discussion ensued as to the technical difference between “restricted” and “directed”.

Katherine Arcure commented that the fund drive was very nicely/professionally done. 


WQXR and the Instrument Drive: Graham Parker and Kathleen Drohan (WQXR instrument drive project manager) discussed the station’s first ever instrument drive. The drive will take place between March 28, 2014 and April 7, 2014 with the instruments being distributed in September. The hopes are to have this as a multi-year program. The formal announcement took place on March 3 and commercials have commenced. There will be a kick off with Alan Gilbert of the NY Philharmonic and WHEELS, a student group using donated instruments.


The goal is 1000 instruments that will be received at various locations around the City, NJ and Westchester, and then refurbished as necessary by Sam Ash, as per the wishes of the recently deceased patriarch. Sam Ash will flag instruments that are highly valued and the donor will be notified – the same procedure will be followed for instruments that have no value. They have received a “bulk” donation of 30 cellos from Music From the Heart.


There are a number of community partners working with WQXR including Mr. Holland’s Opus (“MHO”) - an organization whose sole purpose is to distribute instruments to students, founded by the composer of the movie, the Fund for Public Schools, Snug Harbor, the Bronx Museum, Brooklyn Music School, Lincoln Center and 92 Street Y. CAB members have also provided promotional partners: Metropolitan Transit Agency will display flyers in 150 locations; the NY Public Library will also display flyers throughout its city branches.  A meeting is also planned with Carmen Farinia, Schools Chancellor.


MHO will match instruments to schools based on criteria they have set – must be a Title One school and the music program must have been in place for at least 3 years. They then follow up a year later and if its not working they will take back the instruments. Instruments stay in the school not with an individual student. They’ve raised a lot of money to help support this drive and the repairs and plan to take all instruments. If there are too many, they will be held for next year. As of this meeting, the budget is just under $200K and still a little short.


Graham Parker then played 3 radio spots supporting drive, a video of WHEELS students, and a TV spot running on WNET. Much of the media has been donated.


In addition to the radio and TV spots, a there is a promotional campaign including wildposting, community postings and postcards, 92Street Y program ad, WNET, trade publications, subway dioramas, Lincoln center drop off locations, and press outreach.


Mr. Parker expressed the Stations’ sincere thanks to CAB members who have been so helpful in coming up with ideas for getting the word out and distributing flyers.


Report from Recruitment committee. – Steven Rapkin

The Committee is trying to encourage geographic and ethnic diversity and to that end will be targeting the outer boroughs, Queens, SI, and the Bronx and NJ (NJ makes up 1/3 of listeners). They would also like individuals in the arts, science, performing arts, and health care. Gary Brocks asked if there is a way to contact Jazz at LIncoln center, Alvin Ailey, among others to see if they have people they can identify. Anita Aboulafia has sent a letter to the Lower East Side Chinese Organization. John Bacon will send letters to the 60-ish Community Boards. The Committee will also get a list of partner organizations from the Station and is hoping to get a 30 second spot for recruiting on–air.


The conversation turned to thoughts of expanding meeting locations and possibly using different sites of the public library in NYC or in NJ. Accessibility was an issue. One suggestion was skyping to make it easier for board members to call in when they are unable to attend in person. We will look into Grand Army plaza public library and on-line meetings technology. Agendas will need to be tailored to the meeting venues to encourage attendance.


CAB Business – Anyone who wants to run for a position on the board, must make his or her feelings know in April for presentation in May and vote in June. Future meeting topics to be looked into include someone speaking on the station’s follow up on climate change, or another station initiative – a science fair coming up in April. Steve Rapkin will look into the possibility of Elliot Forester as a guest in May.


Second Public Comment; There was further discussions about the difficulty in accessing information about CAB meetings and their locations on the Station’s web site. Gary Brocks suggested direct feedback from users to understand why it is so hard to find info. Sarah Lenigan suggested it go to events section.  The contact information for applications also needs to be updated. Regarding broadening meeting venues, Mr. Buchman thought it is an unreasonable burden on board members to go to another state, but Hoboken or Teaneck or Montclair would probably work.


Motion to adjourn was made by Theodore Schweitzer and seconded by Judith Cholst. The meeting ended at 7:30.


Submitted by Helen C. van der Voort