CAB Minutes



Present: Joyce Lannert (Chair), Steven Rapkin (Vice Chair), Judith Moldovar Cholst (Vice Chair), Shavonne Johnson (Secretary), Renee Cherow-O’Leary, Elinor Fuchs, Harriett Olsen


Absent: Matt Bancroft, Michael Bauman, Beth Knobel, Lisa Labrado, Sarah Lenigan, Kate Rath, MJ Robinson, David Tereschuk


Phone: Lue Ann Eldar


Closed Meeting


Joyce opens meeting at 7:20pm


 A Quorum is achieved for election today.


May Minutes

Steven motions, Harriet seconds to approve last month’s minutes


May 20 Forum Re-cap:

Joyce - Reads a note from Dean Cappello (Chief Content Officer and Senior Vice President of
Programming of WNYC/NYPR), that said he would arrange a meeting with Joyce in the next week or two to discuss further the collaboration between the CAB and the station on joint programs.


Steve - Recalls that the station was willing to work with the CAB in a joint effort on future Forums, which would probably help with attendance.


Elinor - To fill the audience space the effort needs to involve more individual CAB members and we need more sub-committees responsible for a group of contacts for Forum meetings.


Joyce - Suggests the CAB needs to develop the website much more and needs to come up with better ways to reach out to organizations.  Also, suggests using the May contact spreadsheet to start a mailing list to send email blasts to people for each future CAB meeting.



Thank you to Beth for doing the video of the May Forum and uploading it online. 

Thank you to Sarah for setting up the Google lists.


Joyce - Recaps that Laura Walker (CEO of NYPR) suggested two meetings with station personnel during the year.  This would mean two internal meetings between CAB and NYPR and two collaborations for the public (1 public, 1 private meeting with WQXR and 1 public, 1 private meeting with WNYC).  This collaboration could lead to better promotion of the Forums. 


Renee - Ask if CAB would still meet outside of the four meetings?


Joyce - Yes, we use those for planning meetings.


Joyce - Dean Cappello knows there are four topics they are focusing on for the upcoming year, which we will start to discuss at upcoming meeting with station.


Elinor - Inquired if CAB needs to brainstorm topics for next year?


Joyce - Tabled idea of discussing topics until after meeting with station, so the CAB can take the station’s lead.


Steve - The station seems receptive to listening to CAB’s ideas, but we are focused on establishing a relationship.


Judith - Suggests that whatever topic the station chooses that the CAB could choose a piece of the topic to focus on.


Joyce - Reiterates that there will still be one CAB for both the WNYC and WQXR, but some members could focus on WNYC and some would focus on WQXR.


Elinor, Harriet, Judith - Thanks Joyce for pushing forward with the station to establish this new relationship.


Elinor - Mentions a topic, originally proposed via email to the CAB, which is an idea taken off of the Public Broadcasting Television’s cancelled “Citizen Koch” documentary that was to air on the show Independent Lens.  The idea is to explore who has an influence on programming and how that intersects with funding.


Joyce - It’s a great topic that Elinor and Beth were interested in, but neither will be here next year to take it up.


Elinor - I have asked to take a one year leave of absence and then come back to the board.  Joyce is looking into the legality of doing this.


Executive Session Commences


Recruitment Committee Report:

Steve - The committee contacted eight groups through Brenda’s list of partner organization.  They have 21 résumés for potential board members next year.


Joyce - If 2/3 of the Recruitment Committee is interested in a résumé then we will go forward with setting up an interview.


Steve - Has read the first 12 résumés and they seem enthusiastic, and have strong backgrounds that are from a variety of boroughs.


Elinor - Will they get interviewed this summer?


Judith - Yes, this summer they will be interviewed at a meeting space in Steve’s office in midtown.


Joyce - Announces that the board of trustees has ceded approval of new members to the CAB’s three Board of Trustees (BOT) liaisons.


Harriet - How many people is the CAB allowed to have on the board?


Steve - We have 9 or 10 people continuing, but the board is allowed up to 25 people.


Harriet - How many new people should the CAB have because we don’t want the board to be too new?


Joyce - I don’t want to get locked into too many numbers for recruitment.


Renee - We could get tons of new people, but if we have nothing for the new people to do they will not stay.


Harriet - Do all sub-committees have to be members of the board?


Judith - Standing Committees should be board members.  If members drop out over the fall we could go back to the stack of résumés and fill vacancies.



Matt coordinated the election, but could not attend meeting.  Renee will oversee election process.


MJ and Sarah gave Renee their proxy votes.


Slate of Nominees:

Joyce Lannert - Chair

Steve Rapkin - Vice-Chair

Judith Moldover - Vice-Chair

Sarah Lennnigan - Vice-Chair

Lue Ann Eldar            - Vice-Chair


Renee - Suggests the CAB vote for nominees as a slate and the missing secretary position (there are no current nominations for this position) could rotate between the vice-chairs as well as other members of the board.  The chair would be excused from doing minutes.


Members attending meeting agree with proposals for slate vote and minutes.


Joyce - Matt confirmed that it is allowed under the by-laws to have additional vice-chairs.


Elinor - Ask Lue Ann (on phone) if she heard Renee’s proposal?


Lue Ann - Agrees to vote for the slate.


Elinor - Makes a motion to elect all people currently nominated on slate by acclimation.


Harriet - Seconds.


Renee - All those in favor?


Joyce, Steve, Judith, Harriett, Renee, Elinor, Shavonne, Lue Ann vote in favor of slate


Steve - Volunteers to take minutes for the September meeting.


Judith motions to adjourn. Seconded.


Joyce adjourns the meeting at 8:25pm


Joyce - A thanks to those who are finishing or have to resign - MJ, Beth, Matt, Shavonne