CAB Minutes



Present: Joyce Lannert (Chair), Steven Rapkin (Vice Chair), Judith Moldovar Cholst (Vice Chair), Shavonne Johnson (Secretary), Michael Bauman, Renee Cherow-O’Leary, Beth Knobel, Sarah Lenigan


Absent: Matt Bancroft, Lue Ann Eldar, Elinor Fuchs, Lisa Labrado, Harriett Olsen, Kate Rath, MJ Robinson, David Tereschuk


4 members from the public


Joyce opens meeting at 7:08pm


Steven motions, Judith seconds, and March minutes are approved


Public Comments

Member of the public - Interested in membership with CAB


Re-cap of April 1 Meeting with the Station:

On April 1, 2013, Joyce Lannert, Judith Cholst and Steve Rapkin met with Laura Walker (CEO of NYPR), Dean Cappello, (Chief Content Officer and Senior Vice President of
Programming of WNYC/NYPR) and Graham Parker (General Manager and Vice President of WQXR) to discuss the CAB’s future relationship with the station.  Noreen O’Loughlin and Brenda Williams-Butts were also in attendance.   


Joyce reiterated the CAB’s concern that its activities were neither relevant nor particularly useful to the station and that CAB members were looking to establish a more collaborative relationship that would be more meaningful, both to the station and to CAB members – all professionals who volunteer their time to serve on the CAB.


After lengthy discussion Laura Walker suggested that the CAB and station staff conduct four joint meetings – two would be between station staff and the CAB, both for informational purposes and to seek the CAB’s input.  The second two would be public forums presented by the CAB and the station. 


Dean Cappello wants to focus on four issues next year and the only one they have so far is Health, though, by June they will have all four areas identified.


Judith and Steve discussed with Graham Parker how CAB members of the CAB who are particularly interested in classical music could serve WQXR better.


Graham Parker discussed whether there should be a separate CAB for WQXR and we decided that is not best, but there could be a separate sub-committee.  WQXR does welcome input on future events and topics from the CAB.  Steve was interested in introducing local music organization like the NJ Symphony, but there are unknown reasons why they are no longer being broadcast on WQXR.  Parker was interested in comments on public events that are held in the Greene Space and floating ideas for that space.


Renee - Are they interested in doing a cross promotion?  Naomi Lewin does a lot of writing for WQXR and maybe she would be available to the CAB.


Joyce - There will be other members of WNYC News and WQXR attending future meetings not just Dean Cappello or Graham Parker.


Joyce - We also discussed that the CAB may not have to meet each month, but possibly focus on the four main meetings that were suggested.  Also, perhaps we do not have one report at the end of the year, but reports after each meeting, which will create more interaction throughout the year with the station.


The May 20th CAB meeting concerned Dean Cappello because it deals with the deputy mayor’s office and this is not a station sponsored event - it is usually the station that deals with that level of city government.  Cas Holloway, the Deputy Mayor charged with preparing the report, Resilience and Rebuilding, will represent the city administration.


Judith - Can see the station’s concern about the appearance of who is sponsoring the May meeting because we are using their space and we are the WNYC CAB, the public may not be able to tell the difference between the CAB and WNYC the station.  Joyce responded that all the publicity clearly states CAB – and it will again be made clear at the forum itself.


The station was also concerned with the term “climate change”, as it’s a hot button phrase - so the name of the May 20th meeting is now “Protecting the City Before Next Time”.

The May 20th meeting will discuss issues like FEMA change to flood maps, new no-build areas, changes in zoning and building codes, etc.


The issue of accessing the CAB’s website was addressed as well.  Joyce asked Laura Walker if there could be a direct link to the CAB on WNYC’s website.  Brenda explained that the public can now access the CAB two ways on the website through “About” and “Community”. They have issues with a direct link since other parts of the station do not have that either.


Recruitment Committee Update - Steven Co-Chair, Judith Co-Chair

-Deadline for recruitment submission is May 17

-The Recruitment committee will send around a list of targeted areas

-Recruitment Committee also created a letter to send to partner organizations


May 20th Forum Promotion

Lisa has indicated that she will handle the press release for the event.


Groups and Organizations CAB Members Will Invite to May Forum:

Renee - Pulled a list of Department of Environmental Conservation and will narrow down which organizations to invite to meeting; Panelists from NJ meeting to be invited; Will list meeting info in NJ Spotlight.

Steven - Hoboken and Jersey City website

Judith - Borough Presidents Offices

Beth - College and University programs

Sarah - Baruch

Michael - Will reach out to local building residents affected by Sandy

Shavonne - EarthShare and NYC Wild Flower Week organization team which includes an urban conservation biologists

Joyce - Please update the list as you contact your organizations into Google drive shared spreadsheet.


Recording May Forum meeting

Beth - Has a professional quality audio recorder and iPad for May 20th meeting

Michael - Will the station cover this?

Joyce - No there are no plans to cover it.

Michael - They have done plenty of coverage of this topic and this seems like something they would want to cover.


CAB Elections

Joyce - Anyone interested in running for a CAB office please contact Matt Bancroft.


Public Comment

Member of the Public - What time is the Forum?

Joyce - 7-9 in the Greene Space on May 20, 2013.


Joyce - We still need a logo for our Forum press release.

Sarah will develop the CAB logo and get it to Lisa for the press release


Joyce adjourned the meeting at 8pm