CAB Minutes





CAB Members: Joyce Lannert, ReneeCherow-O’Leary, Shavonne Johnson, Beth Knobel, MJ Robinson, Elinor Fuchs, Harriett Olson, Steven Rapkin, Sarah Lenigan, Judith MoldoverCholst, John DeWitt


CAB Member by phone: Lue Ann Eldar


Absent CAB Members: Matt Bancroft, Dan Barnett, Michael Bauman, Lisa Labrado,Kate Rath, and David Tereshchuk


Recap of NJ Interface Meeting and Future Thoughts


-Joyce opened meeting and moved to Renee who recapped the October New Jersey Interface meeting that took place at the Newark Museum.


-Meeting was sparsely attended by public. Suggestions were given that the location in the museum was too difficult to find and having it at Montclair State University would be better for a future meeting in order to tap into the student population there.


-There was no social media response on CAB Facebook page to NJ Interface meeting and there was no opportunity to stream this meeting for further outreach.


-Sarah suggested that the CAB could capture more of an audience with streaming, which could easily be done with either an audio or video link.


-BOT member Ellen Polaner, who attended the Interface meeting, wrote a note to Laura Walker responding to the NJ Interface meeting.Walker replied to Ellen asking if there should be a follow-up by the BOT or the CAB.


-Renee suggested waiting a year since the collaboration is new and is still coming together, and then the CAB should revisit the collaboration between NJPR and NYPR in another meeting.


-John supported that the CAB should continue to be involved with all four NJ radio stations.  The station alsostill needs to work on better signal coverage for WQXR in NJ.He suggested using WQXR material on NJPR stations in the evening to help get past signal coverage.


-Beth agreed with Renee’s suggestion to follow-up a year from now with a NJ meeting. Beth suggested that there are more areas of conversation to consider betweenNY Public Radio/NJ Public Radio. One topic area could be more transportation reporting to adequately cover both NJ and NYC perhaps in cooperation with Debbie Galant of NJ News Commons at Montclair.


-Joyce questioned to what extent NYPR partners in a cooperative nature with NJ stations. Addressing if the station is looking to partner and work cooperatively should be something asked at the station presentation in January.


Recruitment Committee - Recap Committee Meeting


-Committee wants to consider increasing numbers to the 25 limit, then who to recruit and how to recruit new members.  Some avenues to pursue are station events, social media, cultural events and universities to target younger recruitment.  Committee wants to speak with Brenda and find out what communities the station wants to tap into before deciding where to recruit.


-Sarah suggested that the CAB not be too narrowly focused, but could perhaps find out what NYPR plans and goals are to increase listenership?


-Joyce suggested that the radio stations needs to consider its newer listener base and the CAB needs to identify those underserved demographics by NY and NJ Public Radio.


-Elinor reminded Recruitment Committee, and John agreed,the CAB should be careful to keep its independence from the station and avoid only responding to what the station wants to focus on at a certain time.


CAB and Social Media – Effective Social Media Practices


-Sarah then presented a PowerPoint – based on Networked Nonprofit: Connecting with Social Media to Drive Changeby Beth Kanter and Allison Fine – on hownonprofits can use social media to their best advantage. [Each member was emailed ppt]


[2 minutes clip from Beth Kanter plays]


-Sarah suggested that CAB could drum up conversation on the CAB Facebook page by asking a “Question of the Week”.  Sarah then volunteered to start by posting the first question.


-All CAB members agreed to post comments and rotate who will create the “Question of the Week”


Calendar Corrections:

January 14 - Greene Space - Station Presentation

February 11 - Greene Space - Formal Report by Recruitment Committee

March 18 - WNYC Conference Room - Topic TBD

April 15 - Location TBD- Topic TBD

May 20 - Location TBD - Nominations for next year’s CAB officers

June 17 - Location TBD - CAB Elections




Next Interface Meeting


-The CAB was asked to start brainstorming topics for the next Interface meeting, which is planned to take place in the spring.


-Renee suggested that in light of what has come up since Hurricane/Super Storm Sandy coverage of the climate changediscussion(since Cuomo has also made it a big issue) would be pertinent.  This brings into question rebuilding on the shore, etc.  It is a topic that encompasses the region,so includes both NY and NJ Public Radio.


-Joyce brought up the idea of looking at the current implications on the area and the discussions on how to prevent the extensive damage that has occurred such as flood walls.  It takes the topic from broad climate change to looking at the regional planning for the future.


-Elinorsuggested that the CAB look at long-range solutions that are being discussed and the cost implications because the station is so focused on local recovery that they have not had time to look at broader and long-range topics on this subject.


-Sarah asked whether it is the CAB’s purpose to bring issues or programming suggestions before the station.


-Elinorresponded that based off of previous CAB research into how other community advisory boards operated that some were gathering information and bringing topics to their stations. Also, in order to be relevant to the stations needs the CAB might present 2-3 topics for the next Interface meeting before committing to one topic.


-John then reminded the CAB that it is part of the listenership and community; therefore, anyone is able to bring topics they would like to see covered to the station.


-Judith suggested a WQXR focused topic such as the trends in the classical world, or a focus on young people participating in various ways in the classical community, or new ways to cover that world.


-Renee suggested that with 2013 as the coming year, perhaps an Interface topic that could go off of Sara Fishko’s“Culture Shock 1913”Fishko Files special.


-The climate change topic received a lot of interest; however, both Beth and MJ highlighted that in order to do climate change the CAB needs a media hook to turn the focus back to NY and NJ Public Radio and make it relevant to what the station can do in that area. MJ asked members to consider, “What does public information look like in those [disaster] moments?”, which addresses things such as what happens when a transmitter goes out like it did during Hurricane/Super Storm Sandy.


-Joyce suggested that the meeting could look at the public/city planning that surrounds major disasters like this one.  The station needs to provide the important service of bringingthese issues forth in a simple and concrete manor so the public understands what is at stake.


-Elinor reminded the CAB that radio should not just report what public officials are already doing, but should bring outside voices and alternative views on how to plan for the next storm and other topics as well.


Committee Structure

Communication Committee: Matt, Beth, Sara, Dan, Lisa

Recruitment Committee: Judith, Steve, Elinor, Lue Ann

Research Committee: Renee, MJ, Shavonne, Michael


-Judith suggested that any Interface meeting have an Ad Hoc committee for planning.


-CAB agreed to continue Interface discussion over email with all members included.



-WNYC Gala cancelled for this year.


CAB Member leaving mid-year


Joyce announced that John DeWitt would be leaving the CAB do to an out-of-state move and this would be his last meeting.


John thanked and said goodbyes to everyone.


Joyce adjourned meeting.