CAB meeting, 5/19/11

Forum on News Coverage and Under-Reported Issues

Held at Jerome L. Greene Space, New York, NY.

The meeting took the form of a panel discussion, moderated by CAB chairperson Basya Mandel. The panelists were:

-Lawrence Wechsler

-Bob Hennelly

-David Tereshchuk


(Sree Sreenivasan was to have been on the panel but was unable to attend. David Tereshchuk filled in.)


CAB members in attendance included:

Basya Mandel

Leslie Ehrlich

Matt Bancroft

John De Witt

Alfred Friedland

Tiffany Hall

Shavonne Johnson

Joyce Lannert

Michelle K. Reed M.D.

David Tereshchuk

WNYC board member Ellen Polaner was also in attendance, along with approximately 13 members of the general public.

The meeting ran from 7:20PM to 9:00PM.

Basya Mandel began the proceedings by explaining the function of the CAB to the audience. She then opened the discussion by asking her initial question, regarding the nature of “news” and what merits coverage. After about an hour’s discussion, the panelists took questions and comments from the audience.

The program was recorded by a WNYC staff member.