CAB MINUTES: March 2011

Listen to CAB meeting March 24, 2011

CAB meeting, 03/24/11

Held at Jerome L. Greene Space, New York, NY.


            Matt Bancroft, WNYC CAB member


            Kathleen Ehrlich

            Les Hollander

            Jenna Moran

            Jacob Rothschild

The meeting, which was in the form of a panel discussion, ran from approximately 7:05PM-8:50PM. The topic was “The Future of Radio.” Meeting notes produced by Ilene Richman.


CAB members in attendance included:

Basya Mandel, CAB chairperson

John DeWitt

Shavonne R. Johnson

Renee Cherow-O’Leary

Ken Stewart

Beth Knobel

Alfred Friedland

Michelle K. Reed

Joyce Lannert

Elinor Fuchs

Michael Bauman

Tiffany Hall


WNYC Board members in attendance included:

David Caplan

Ellen Polaner

Alan Weiler

Approximately 30 members of the general public were also in attendance.

Matt Bancroft began by introducing the members of the panel. Basya Mandel then introduced Matt Bancroft, and explained the function of the CAB to the audience. The panel discussion then began. It was followed by a question and answer session, and brief concluding remarks by Matt Bancroft. The program was recorded by a WNYC staff member.