CAB Minutes: October 2005

The New York Society for Ethical Culture

7 pm, Wednesday, October 19, 2005

MEMBERS PRESENT: Neal Zuckerman, Nick Arture, Alex Senchak, Shawn Williams, Fred Friedland, Dave Weinstock, Inge Reist, Emily Gertz, Lisa Nam, Sallie Gouveneur, Judy Hellman, John DiBlasi, Dave Hall, David Rahni, Mary O'Hara

APOLOGIES: Barbara Genco, K.C. Sahl, Chris Small, Ed Sawchuk, Jenn Batterton, Basya Weisman, Simran Sethi, Toby Butterfield

WNYC STAFF: Lori Ann Krushefski, Board of Trustee members Alan Weiler and David Caplan

MEMBERS OF PUBLIC: Approximately 5 members of the general public attended.

Neal Zuckerman asked for approval of the September 2005 minutes. David Weinstock said he had been marked present at the meeting, but had not attended. The minutes were passed with that one amendment.

Neal thanked Toby Butterfield for his service as co-vice chair and co-chair of the CAB.

The group then began discussions on the progress made on planning for the November meeting in Harlem. Four speakers had been identified.

The group made a motion to cancel their November 9th meeting, and instead conduct non-public subcommittee meetings for the purpose of finalizing plans for the Harlem meeting. The motion carried.

The group discussed the CAB email, and K.C. Sahl volunteered to take over monitoring of the incoming mail.

Neal Zuckerman then proposed a slate of activities for the year.

  • In addition to the Harlem meeting, he proposed holding a town hall meeting in Westchester in the spring. Basya Weisman secured Sarah Lawrence College as a venue, and had received some interest from Senator Hillary Clinton in attending.
  • Lisa Nam and Alex Senchak were planning a Fall 2006 town hall in New Jersey.
  • Mini-teams are to be formed to review each WNYC-produced show. At each CAB meeting, the group will review one or two shows. Neal agreed to draft four high-level points to lend consistency to the group's reports.
  • The CAB will focus on their portion of WNYC's website, with the intention of increasing the reach of the CAB. KC Sahl and Dave Hall will work on this.
  • Alex Senchak and Toby Butterfield will focus on developing an email distribution list.
  • Pursue developing a network of public television and public radio CABs. Sallie Gouveneur and Lisa Nam volunteered to look into this.
  • The station is thinking about having a reporter with a not-for-profit beat. The CAB will consider whether they feel WNYC should, and if so, why. Nick Arture and Inge Reist will explore this.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.