Making Midday


We have a broad sense of the foundations of this show, but we need a host.

Do you want help create a new live daily radio show for New York?

Do you want to be part of a team that is serving the audience of the New York metropolitan area in all its glory and diversity that is firmly grounded in the real life of the region?

Do you want to help start a conversation at noon on terrestrial radio, that continues in the social space and in the real spaces of neighborhoods in and around New York City?

Do you want to be part of a team that sparks conversation about the things that reflect all aspects of news, art, culture and life in the greatest city in the nation?

You Can!

WNYC is creating a new live daily show that builds upon the long and beloved tradition of live, participatory midday talk and takes it to new places (not just the radio dial) and new people (smart, interesting, engaged New Yorkers in all their diversity who have yet to discover WNYC).

We want to make a show that lives in the now and serves the live radio audience across all platforms, while also allowing for on time-shifted listening as well as social sharing that will expand reach beyond the traditional channels and bring in a whole new audience.

The show will be of New York but have a universal appeal. It will ignite conversation, take the pulse of the city and be THE place for arts and life, for cultural tastemakers, newsmakers and everyday New Yorkers.

We want to make sure that this new show does the following:


  • Reflects our public radio mission and is smart, genuine, and inclusive
  • Grows the next generation of WNYC fans, a new, younger, and increasingly diverse audience across an array of platforms, while continuing to serve the core audience.
  • Sounds like it could only be made in New York City. We’re living and making radio in one of the world’s greatest cities and the show should sound that way
  • Reflects the varied interests of the people in our metro area including local, regional, and national news as well as arts, culture, ideas, and how we’re living now
  • Feels indispensable, a word that fans already attach to WNYC programs and the station overall


  • Audience centric – there to serve the interests of the audience not themselves
  • Plugged into the news cycle but knows their way around the cultural zeitgeist – you need to care about Kim Jong Un’s visit to Beijing and about #whobitbeyoncé
  • Someone who challenges the status quo
  • A great listener (the secret to being a great interviewer)
  • A convener of conversations with celebrities AND first-time callers
  • The gracious host, embracing a team of contributors who will reflect the city and its neighborhoods
  • Nimble and confident whether dealing with breaking news, or bringing in people new to a public conversation
  • An ambassador for WNYC, embodying the station’s mission
  • A collaborative, team player
  • Ready to go out into the community as well as welcoming the community in


Think you are New York’s next host? What do you want to add to WNYC’s coverage of New York and what does that sound like? Let us know.

Send us:

  • Your elevator pitch for this show hosted by you!
  • Your mission statement of why New York needs you
  • Samples of your work, including audio of if you have it

You can submit to

Get back to us by Friday April 27th. If we like what you send us, we’ll follow up with next steps.