Love and Death

At the Miami Book Fair International, John Hockenberry sat down with ten writers to talk about two big ideas: love and death.  The first set of writers, Benjamin Busch, Carol Blue, Deni Bechard, Judy Goldman and Susannah Cahalan discussed memoirs that dealt with facing the death of a parent, spouse, sibling – or, the prospect of their own death. 

The second set, Christopher Beha, Jami Attenberg, Nina Revoyr, Robert Goolrick, and Scott Hutchins brought to the table novels tackling romantic, religious, and familial love. What resulted were two distinct discussions, conversations that were in turns contentious and intimate, light-hearted and somber.  We hope that listening to them, you'll hear stories that resonate with your own experience.

To find out more about each of the writers — and to hear a snippet of their thoughts on love and death — click on the photos below.

  • Lee Ielpi
  • Kyle Conley
  • John Vigiano
  • Jean and Dan Potter
  • Jim Tousignant
  • John Bourges



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