Generation 9/11

Each picture below links to memories and reflections of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Some of the people we spoke to across the country are survivors who were stuck in the towers and made it out. Others were inspired after the attacks to enter military service. One was a Staten Island Ferry captain who helped bring people and supplies to and from the bottom of Manhattan in the wake of the attacks. Still others were, like so many, merely headed into work in Manhattan on a day that forever changed their commute and their lives. Join us in remembering by clicking on the photos displayed here, and listening to the compelling audio interviews attached. We want to hear your stories too. Please call us at 1-877-8-MY-TAKE to share them with us.
 —Ben Johnson, interim digital editor

Special thanks to everyone who participated in this project and shared their stories. This project was completed with the help of The Takeaway's Control Room engineers Tim Einenkel and Vince Fairchild, digital team members Marine Boudeau, Kate Edmundson, and Elizabeth Zagroba, senior producer Mary Harris, producer Arwa Gunja, and Takeaway interns Jaywon Choe, Kristina Fazzalaro, Kathryn Thornton, and Erica Schwiegershausen. 

  • James Parese
  • Barbara Kaufman
  • Lee Ielpi
  • Kyle Conley
  • John Vigiano
  • Jean and Dan Potter
  • Bill Keaton
  • Jim Tousignant
  • John Bourges
  • Kerry Sulkowicz
  • Masayuki Sono
  • Naveed Ali Shah
  • Teri Cohen and Ken Kutner
  • Angela Ali Shah
  • Richard Salorio and Eugene Chun
  • Ross Herman
  • Thomas Heidenberger
  • Tyla Adolf, Jason Lu and Roger Peralta
  • Darrell Hucks
  • Tricia, Katie and Cathy Wik