Teenage Diaries Revisited

Monday, May 6, 2013

WNYC is a media partner for Teenage Diaries Revisited. Ira Glass, Joe Richman and 3 diarists will share a sneak peak of the new stories from the upcoming NPR series.  May 6 at BAM.

Sixteen years ago, a group of teenagers around the country were given tape recorders and asked to document their lives for the NPR series Teenage Diaries. Millions of listeners got to know Josh, who had Tourette’s Syndrome; Amanda, who was coming out as gay to her parents; Melissa, who practically gave birth on the radio; and many others. This May, the group will be back on NPR with a brand new series of stories about their lives now. Teenage Diaries Revisited features new diaries from five of the people who let us into their lives sixteen years ago.