Radiolab Presents: Sex Ed

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

7:30 PM

The sex ed classes you grew up with were designed to teach one simple thing about sex: don’t do it.

And in most places, that’s still the norm. But at the same time, there are pockets of America where others are pushing radically different approaches, from teaching sex-trafficking awareness in California to “porn literacy” in Boston.

Which made long-time Radiolab producer Molly Webster wonder: how should we be talking to kids about sex today? Should we tell them nothing? Or everything? Or something in between? When should it start? And who should be doing the teaching?

Join Molly and some amazing special guests as they wrestle with these questions, and also take a crack at responding to the intimate questions you asked in high school but probably never got a straight answer to, like: what is an orgasm and how do I get one? How do I know if I’m gay? Why do people make those sounds when they have sex? How do I masturbate? What is cunnilingus? Am I normal?