Kings County, Hosted by Kurt Andersen

Sunday, June 24, 2012

8:00 PM

Kurt Andersen and co-host performance artist Lucy Sexton welcome comedian Wyatt Cenac, the band Chairlift and a Top Secret Special Guest.

Kings County was created by WNYC’s Kurt Andersen (Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen) and Steve Bodow, co-executive producer of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, with writing led by Paul Simms (The New Yorker, Flight of the Conchords, NewsRadio). The shows will spotlight incisive interviews, standup comedy and music performances with folks who emanate the spirit, if not the zip code, of the taste-making, hip-shaking borough.

What’s in Kings County?  The next band to put on your iPod.  The next app to put on your iPhone.  A visit to Kings County will take you to the hottest young comics and offer a first listen of emerging musicians, along with audio gags waiting to go viral and a look into the current golden age of DIY city living.  Artisanal mayonnaise?  Mayors of the block?  Pet pigs?  Yeah, we’ve got that, too.