Black and Latino Literary Salon: Exploring the Afro-Latin@ Experience

A Collaboration Between the Studio Museum and WNYC Radio

Sunday, November 14, 2010

3:00 PM

The Afro-Latin@ Reader: History and Culture in the United States sheds light on a large, vibrant, yet oddly invisible community in the United States: people of African descent from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Offering insight into Afro-Latin@ life and new ways to understand culture, ethnicity, nation, identity, and antiracist politics, this title presents a kaleidoscopic view of Black Latin@s in the US.

Join editors, Juan Flores and Miriam Jiménez Román, for a conversation-in-the-round about Afro-Latino identity and the invisibility of Black Latinos in the United States.

Moderated by Celeste Headlee, co-host of The Takeaway.