July 31, 2015 01:27:08 PM





Full House

The sun rose and everything fell. Another farcical earthquake to commence what I surmised to be another monotonous day.
Cassidy turned up at 4:30 p.m. at my cramped home, to be greeted by four deranged children.
"Cassidy, Cassidy look at me!" Gracie exclaimed parading around in her pink polka dot bathing suit.
"Cassidy guess where we're going." Alex challenged.
She sighed. "Since you're both in bathing suits I'm assuming swimming?" She speculated.
Alex chuckled as she headed to the backyard kiddy pool with Gracie following close behind.
With my two younger sisters gone my friend and I seated ourselves in front of the beige coffee table, discussing the latest DS games.
"I adore Cooking Mama it's truly the best game ever fabricated." I pronounced.
"Agreed, we should-" Cassidy was cut short when Alex charged in slipping and sliding in every direction.
"You guys missed it! Gracie threw the cat in the pool!" She declared regaining her balance. Instead of entertaining it we resumed our conversation only to be interrupted yet again.
" I don't have a DS, but I bet I would love Cooking Mama." Alex blubbered.
"Oh and I took Vic's DS onetime when she went to grandma's house and-" her words started to blur, I began drifting off, only to have my daydream cut short by faint mummers.
"Victoria are you seeing what I'm seeing?" Cassidy questioned, turning my attention to the youngest of the family; my brother Nate.
My eyes widened we were face to face with the most ingenious living two year old known to mankind. Legend has it he got away with flushing his dad's paycheck and our mother's diamond ring.
An ever too familiar smile spread across his face as he paced back and forth examining the three of us. We all came came to a standstill, anticipating his next move.
Furthermore, my cunning brother pulled out a small almost unrecognizable water gun. Horror swept over the room no one dared to scream. Having the same idea we sprinted in three different directions; Alex towards the backyard, Cassidy towards our rooms and me right into Nate. Fear raced through my veins terror-stricken of what came next, I closed my eyes and waited.
Seconds turned to minutes and I realized nothing was happening. Scrutinizingly slow, I peeled open my left eye lid to reveal the implausible absoluteness.
There I saw Nate perched up on the window sill playing with a long forgotten blue truck.
Relief flooded through me, I managed to not only avoid a time out but another long shower. There was only one thing left to do; quiet as a mouse I tip toed to the nearest bedroom to find Cassidy curled in a ball.
"Are you okay?" I asked skeptically.
Her head moved from her knees unveiling her now puffy eyes.
"Is he gone?" She sobbed.
I nodded and helped her to the living room to resume our squabble.
"As I was saying, they couldn't possibly make a game better game than Cooking Mama, I mean did you see the animation on the steak? Absolutely exquisite." I said with a smile stretching miles wide.
"Yes completely-" again as out of habit Cassidy was interrupted by the persistent Alex.
"Why didn't you tell me he wasn't chasing us anymore? Victoria you told Cassidy but not me? You know I wanted to chat with you guys." Before she could finish her rambling Nate unexpectedly pulled out his water gun and began spraying Alex's now dry hair.
Her face turned so distorted you would of thought she had expired milk. Quick as a flash she was gone heading towards the backyard to inform the only living person known to contain the boy; his father.
In fear of her not only telling on Nate, but also on us, I followed suit meeting her at the backyard door.
"Alex wait what are you going to tell him? I'm sorry I just forgot to tell you I didn't realize you would get mad." I tried to explain.
She cocked her head in response playing with her advantage. Alex stared at the door handle and slowly turned the knob.