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Title: I know you did it

The sun rose and everything fell….

Well, all of me fell, on top of the fluffy mattress that is. I was far too lazy to shut the curtains. I was out all night looking for my best friend Sandy. I woke up some time in the night and there was a note that had gotten wet on top of my nightstand. Curious, I checked in on my roommate and Sandy was gone.

At first I thought nothing of it.

I walked in the hallway and turned on the light. I hear a creak at the end of the hall and look back. On the pristine wood was a long line of red liquid. For a split second I looked between my legs and sighed in relief when I saw that I didn’t make that mess, because that meant I didn’t have to clean it up.

I shrug and walk towards the kitchen to get a glass of milk. As I walk closer I feel a sharp stab. I scream and look down to the broken glass on the kitchen floor. Annoyed that Sandy had broken a glass and not picked it up, I preceded to grab the broom.

I stopped when I suddenly got a flash like the one in Taken once I saw the open window above the sink. I could see an intruder coming through the window and walking into my room. But I fart as I sleep so they decided against it and went to the room across the hall. Sandy slept peacefully almost like a baby. They grabbed her and she struggled so they cut her and she bled as they dragged her through the hallway. After the struggle they got parched and fancied themselves to a glass of water. When done with said glass they throw it on the ground, snickering evilly.

“Those animals!” I say limping towards the front door where my slippers were.

I slipped them on and opened the unlocked door, locking it behind me. I walk across the building to where the window was and followed two pairs of footsteps. They were pointing towards the apartment but I retraced their steps anyways. The footprints ended in front of another apartment, Mr.Cobwebs.

I actually don’t know him but his beard is black with white hairs resembling a cobweb, I thought it was clever. It must have been him who kidnapped Sandy, he had one of those villain mustaches.

I sneak to the window above his bedroom. With no warning I bounce up and hit my face against the glass my eyes bugging out of my head as I looked around. Mr.Cobwebbs had the lights on. He just so happened to be facing the window when I pounced on it like a psycho.

Poor old man’s eyes rolled to the back of his head until all that showed was the white of his eyes. His hand clenched at his chest and he was falling off the bed onto the ground.
“Hmm no Sandy,” I say out loud when I realize Mr.Cobweb wasn’t getting up.

I continued peeping into the apartments of my neighbors. Not like that, I wasn’t crazy. I only spied on the ones who had evil written over them, the ones who were suspicious. Like old lady Jenny who had one of those bald cats or little Suzy with long black hair and constantly wearing white dresses.

There was no luck and I just ended up scaring people. The police had came but I was in the laundry room by then that I didn’t notice them until they left. I was tempted to call the police about the break in but what if they were in on it too.

The sky was already turning a glowy blue that I knew morning was coming. I was exhausted. Maybe the kidnappers will send another note since the first got wet. I headed home and that's where I stayed.

I knocked out eventually and started snoring. A hand pressed against my shoulder.Instantly I turned hitting the intruder’s nose with the hard part of my palm.

“Lexi!” Alex yells as he clutches his bleeding nose.

It takes a minute for me to actually process who he was.

“What are you doing here?” I asked my brother who was glaring at me.

“You left the door unlocked,” he says but I don’t listen because Sandy is standing behind him.

“Sandy you're alive!” I say launching into her arms but she almost falls.

That’s when I see the bandages on her feet. Sandy notices me looking at it and chuckles a little.

“I lost my key so I came in through the window but knocked over a glass so when I stepped down I started bleeding. I called for you but you were in a deep sleep. I went to my room to get my phone and I called Alex to take me to the hospital. I left you a note on the nightstand.”

I rest my chin inside the space between my thumb and pointer finger. It made sense. Too much sense that it had to be fake. I turn to look at Alex and I got my proof. Sandy had a bruise on her hand( which I later found out was from stumbling around in the dark) and Alex had dried blood on his nose ( from when I hit him earlier he “claims”). Alex seems to have noticed that he was caught because he looked panicked as he walked closer to the door.

“Brother,” I say warningly as I move to my attack stance.

“Lexi not again,” he says moving until he was at the door.

Alex stared at the door handle and slowly turned the knob.