Zach Miskin

New Sounds

Music Built Around Violins and Cellos

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

There’s plenty of music built around cello(s) and violin(s) on this New Sounds program.  We’ll start with a polyrhythmic work from Clogs, a quartet containing guitarist/composer Bryce Dessner and composer/arranger/string performer Padme Newsome.  Then, listen to music by Bryce Dessner for the American cellist Zach Miskin. Based in Paris, Miskin intends to “push the limits of the cello.”  He wants “to take the instrument out of its classical ‘box’ and travel with it through beautifully crafted loops and overdubs, solo passages in songs and in samples, while of course exploring the exotic territory of improvisation.”  We’ll hear more of his musical deviations in another work by Nick Zammuto (the Books.)

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