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Airport Workers, Elected Officials Block LGA Entrance to Demand Better Wages

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Airport workers sat down on the 94th Street bridge leading to LaGuardia to demand higher pay, benefits and a unionized contract from the Port Authority.

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The Terrible Treatment of Pro-Wrestlers

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Daniel O’Sullivan on why professional wrestlers often lack benefits, pensions, health insurance, and, unlike any other major American sport, aren’t represented by a union.

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Paid Sick Leave: Day One

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New York's Paid Sick Leave law goes into effect today. Julie Menin, Commissioner of the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, has been helping businesses prepare for the effort. She answers last-minute questions and discusses what impact the law will have on NYC's workers.

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Ethics in Fashion

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Elizabeth Cline, author of Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion, talks about what’s changed in the garment industry since the devastating fire in Bangladesh earlier this year, and, just in time for NY fashion week, look at the growth of eco-friendly, worker-friendly fashion trends.

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Forty Retailers Sign Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Accord

Friday, May 31, 2013

Last month in Bangladesh over 1,200 people died after several factories collapsed. Now, labor advocates are stepping up the pressure on the Obama administration to end the special trade status in Bangladesh and convey disapproval of its working conditions. Jenny Holdcroft is the policy director of IndustriALL, the Geneva-based global union federation working with Bangladeshi garmet workers to get retailers to sign an accord on fire and building safety.


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How to Make Responsible Clothing Purchases

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The building collapse in Bangladesh that killed over a thousand garment workers has led to renewed attention to international standards for textile factories. Steven Greenhouse, New York Times labor and workplace correspondent and author of The Big Squeeze: Tough Times for the American Worker, talks about what options are available to clothing manufacturers and consumers that ensure fair treatment of the workers employed by contractors and subcontractors.

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Architect Daniel Libeskind; AP Phone Probe; Artist JR

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Daniel Libeskind is the architect behind the 1,776-foot tower for One World Trade Center. He talks about his process, the symbolism behind the design, and his thoughts on architectural trends today. Plus: the Justice Department and the AP phone records; Steven Greenhouse of The New York Times on what lessons can come from the garment factory collapse in Bangladesh; and the artist JR on his Inside Out project that’s been in Times Square; and we kick off our series on obituaries.

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Rescue From Bangladesh Garment Factory Rubble 17 Days After Collapse

Friday, May 10, 2013

17 days after the collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh, a resourceful worker was found trapped but alive. She was pulled from the rubble in Dhaka earlier today to the cheers of workers who had for days been only moving wreckage and disposing of bodies of victims.


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Tragedy Strikes Another Garment Factory in Bangladesh

Thursday, May 09, 2013

As the grim count of the dead continues to rise from that garment factory collapse last month in Bangladesh, a fire overnight in a different garment factory there killed at least 8 more people. Muhammad Yunus is an economist, founder of the Grameen Bank, and Nobel Peace Prize recipient.


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Hope that the Tragedy in Bangladesh Will Inspire Change

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

History is being made in the nation of Bangladesh this week. In response to the garment factory collapse last week, representatives from major retailers convened in Frankfurt, Germany to discuss what can be done to improve factory safety. Novelist M. T. Anderson recently wrote about the cyclical, unregulated, nature of the industry in an op-ed piece for our partner The New York Times.

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Tracking Employees to Boost Productivity

Monday, March 18, 2013

What if the daily routines of your workplace were subject to being monitored by your employer? That might soon be the case. More and more companies are looking to tracking devices to learn about employee behavioral patterns in the hopes of boosting productivity.

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Debating Paid Sick Leave

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The city council is considering legislation requiring companies to offer their employees paid sick leave. Kathryn Wylde, president and CEO of the Partnership for New York City, and Dan MorrisDrum Major Institute communications director, debate the issue.

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