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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tester seats in BART's mobile seat lab.

Missed the news about the future of parking, the future of traffic jams, or the future of the (now germ-incubating) BART seats? Kick back and hear TN's Casey Miner tell you everything you need to know, over at KALW News.

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Transportation Nation

Peer-review finding: California high speed rail projections unreliable

Thursday, July 01, 2010

(Nathanael Johnson, KALW)

For months, watchdog groups and critics of the California high speed rail project have claimed that a study of projected ridership on the proposed super-train was wildly incorrect. The High Speed Rail Authority has acknowledged that one of its numbers was off by an order of magnitude, but has maintained that the model still produces valuable information. These statistical models are incredibly complex, and it’s impossible to assess these competing claims without considerable expertise and a lot of time. So California's Senate Transportation and Housing Committee commissioned a peer review from engineers at UC Berkeley and UC Irvine, to put an end to the debate once and for all. The California High Speed Rail Authority paid for the review.

Now this group has released it’s findings. In their report, the professors wrote: “we have found some significant problems that render the key demand forecasting models unreliable for policy analysis.” They go on to tear the study apart, shred by carefully-worded shred.

courtesy of the California High Speed Rail Authority

Why does this matter?

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